Bring Healthcare with Blockchain Technology: DIGIPHARM!

Digipharms’ solutions aim to accelerate the much-needed restructuring of healthcare delivery systems to a value-based approach. The inherent flaws of current global healthcare infrastructure result in substantial inefficiency, wastage and sub-optimal health outcomes for the most important stakeholder; the patient. In healthcare today, there is a lack of incentive for health systems and providers to focus on mutually beneficial collaboration and the maximisation of patient outcomes.

To be the pioneer of sustainable and value-based healthcare delivery, innovative evidence generation and patient empowerment across the healthcare industry.

Digipharm brings together industry expertise, a mature concept, and revolutionary blockchain technology to facilitate the transformation of healthcare to a value-based approach.

Spiraling healthcare costs combined with resource constraints have resulted in an unremitting burden on health systems. Trade-offs need to be made, patients are at risk of being denied innovative treatments and there remain barriers to reimbursement for manufacturers.

Digipharm bypasses infrastructural limitations to enable the implementation of flexible value-based pricing agreements using smart contracts, the development of unprecedented evidence platforms and the ability to reward patients for contributing their data.

The Reimburse platform harnesses the benefits of automated ‘smart contracts’ and blockchain technology; facilitating the application of truly dynamic innovative pricing solutions between healthcare systems and manufacturers, in a secure and compliant fashion with a minimal administrative burden. Use of the Reimburse platform will expedite integration, coordination, and delivery of patient-centric healthcare systems with a focus on improving patient outcomes while accelerating ‘payment for value‘ mechanisms between payers and manufacturers using neutrally-enforceable agreements in a peer to peer fashion.

The Insights platform will extract anonymized patient-level data from the Reimburse platform and health information systems to the world’s first ‘live’ RWE database. Insights will provide a symbiotic solution with Reimburse to complement the progressive transformation towards value-based healthcare delivery systems. The development of a ‘live’ evidence repository will allow the integration of knowledge back into the delivery system in real time to facilitate decision making, drug development, and health-related research. Patients will be incentivized to contribute their health information to the Insights platform and will gain access to valuable health information that is currently unattainable.

The Insights platform will extract anonymized patient-level data from the Reimburse platform and electronic patient records to the world’s first ‘live’ real-world evidence (RWE) database, that is accessible by subscribed users at a real time (Figure 5). Uniform and standardised inputs to smart contracts which are encapsulated within the Reimburse platform and the architecture of Digipharms’ bespoke integration solutions to health information systems promptly address several of the limitations that are observed with conventional RWD collection and database generation, thus expediting the time to availability of consistent and ‘ready to use’ RWE outputs. Additional health-related data such as genomic data will also be linked to the Insights platform in partnership with leading evidence providers in the industry, to create an unparalleled health data marketplace in preparation for a value-based, data-driven future of healthcare. The use of cryptographically encrypted blockchain technology also eliminates all patient privacy and data security concerns that affect current RWE generation systems. There are no such ‘live’ RWE databases currently available.

DPH Token
DPH Supply: 100,000,000 Fixed (ERC-20)
Ticker code: DPH
Decimal Places: 18
Token Price 1.00 USD

Token Sale
Pre - Sale: 15,000,000 DPH
Base Price: $1.00 USD
Pre - Sale Discount: 35%
Pre - Sale Length: 4 Weeks
Main Sale: 50,000,000 DPH

Week 1: 25% (Capped at 25 million tokens)
Week 2: 15% (Capped at 15 million tokens)
Week 3: 10% (Capped at 10 million tokens)
Week 4: 1.00 USD

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