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Big News - Prepare yourself

Prepare yourself for the big news that will be released in the next 2 days !!

Before the big news arrived I would give a little review of the project.
#Dividends3d is an decetranlized application ( Dapp ) That run on 2 platforms Tron blockchain and Ethereum Blockchain.
yeah of course this is the first project in the world.

What's the benefits for me?
With #Dividends3D you can earn passive Tron or Ethereum.
Dividends3D holders receives direct earnings in TRON or ETHEREUM every time that anyone else buys,
sells or trades the token based on the amounts of tokens (in % out of total amount minted) held.
This means that as soon as you hold Dividends3d tokens,
you are continuously accumulating "free" TRON or ETHEREUM distributed to you on every transaction based on the amount of Dividends3d token '
The more Dividends3D Tokens you hold the more Dividends you get.
With Dividends3D you can make profit from:
1. Buy low sell high
2. Hold Dividends3D token because when someone buy or sell you will get Dividends

If you are only looking for profit by trading or mining, I think it's outdated.
Now, many exchanges have their own coins, with an offer if you hold their coins, you are given a discounted fee for every transaction you make, is that correct? is that all you get?
Let's see the difference and why you should consider this project.I am sure that the exchange you are using now and has own coins, when other people buy these tokens / coins you do not get anything
from their transactions and worse if you buy and hold their tokens you are only given a discount on transaction fees with no income at all for your funds.
But dividends3d provides rules for each transaction that can provide income for your funds, see the following example

Tron Exchange Buy Fee: 8%
Ethereum Exchange Buy Fee: 8%
Tron Exchange Sell Fee: 2%
Ethereum Exchange Sell Fee: 2%

example I = someone spend 1 Ethereum to buy Dividends3d Token 0.08 Ethereum will be distributed around the current Dividends3d Holders as "Dividends"
example II = someone spend 1000 Tron to buy Dividends3d Token 80 Tron will be distributed around the current Dividends3d Holders "Dividends"

Of course the decision is in your hands, I just told you that the platform is ready for use on 25.02.2019 10:00 UTC +0 ( United Kingdom )

Detail klik here

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