What is Helios Project?

Cryptocurrency mining is one of the methods to make a good amount of money these days. The cryptocurrency has become one of valuable assets in this modern and digital era. Many people compete to collect it as much as they can. Then, with so many cryptocurrency, they can exchange and sell it to make money from it. To mine the cryptocurrency, you will need PC with good specification with good cooling system. The reason is you need to use it continuously. This is actually not a good thing because you will only waste energy and money for your electric bill. It will only worst the effect of global warming. So, if you don’t want to make our Earth become suffered because of global warming in the future, you need to find different method for crypto-mining. This is where Helios project come as the solution.

Helios project is a project that use Blockchain technology to provide the most efficient and environmental friendlier way for mining cryptocurrency. The Blockchain technology also make the method that is provide become much faster than the current mining. Therefore, we can say that this project is the best solution that we can use for making profit from cryptocurrency investment and mining.

The Vision and Mission

Helios project is existed only for revolutionizing the method to mine cryptocurrency. With the more environmental friendlier method, miner won’t need to depend on fossil fuel and nuclear energy. They also can save more time to do the mining process, which make has more chance to enjoy their life and do other activities. Then, with this project, the movement to make world become better place and reduce the global warming effect can be acquired.

The mission of this project is providing the easy access for anyone who is interested to crypto-mining. With this project, they can access it anywhere and at anytime they want it. The miner can do it even with using the mobile gadget, which is almost impossible to use for mining cryptocurrency as right now.

The Advantages of Helios

This project use solar energy as its main energy. More than that, the Helios project also uses batteries to keep the energy that the system gets from the sun. Therefore, if we talk about the quality of energy, you will get the best one from this project. Then, the batteries also make you free from any problem that cause by lack of energy, which can lower the performance of the server. So, you will get the best performance 24/7.

The intelligent currency system is one of best benefits you can get from it. This system will be able to detect the right currency that you can mine. By looking at the real time finance condition, the system will automatically change and choose the currency. This feature will help you to mine effectively and get more than what you can get from current mining method. Basically, this project uses the most environmental friendlier method to mine cryptocurrency.

The Platform

Ethereum platform is the base of this project. This platform will help this project run faster and provide the much easier transaction and exchange. This platform also allows you to use the Ethereum cryptocurrency to get tokens and start your activity with Helios.

The Tokens

The pre-sale event was started on April. Then, the main ICO event will be held in June this year. On both events, you can get HLC tokens. On these events, they release 5 million tokens that you can get. When the ICO event is finished, the mining process can be started. And, for you who have tokens, you can get many accesses to the feature and service in Helios project.

Token Details

Token Name : HLC
Token Standard : Ethereum (ERC-20)
Total amount of tokens: 5 million tokens
Token price at the release: 0.001 ETH

Token Distribution :
Bounty program - 3% of distributed tokens
Team of founders -10% to the team of founders
Reserve - 5% reserve buyback fund
Contributors - 82% of the issued token

WEBSITE :https://helioss.io/index.html

WHITEPAPER :https://helioss.io/legal/whitepaper.pdf

ANN THREAD :https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3351066

FACEBOOK :https://www.facebook.com/helioscoin/

TWITTER :https://twitter.com/@CoinHelios

TELEGRAM :https://t.me/helioscoin_io


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