Viva is a changing financial technology that introduces a great deal of decentralization of mortgage lending in the world. The Viva platform will use smart contracts for a crowdfund mortgage loan, linking borrowers and direct investors to a decentralized and unsafe ecosystem. Using extremely secure blockchain transactions, Viva cut off the broker, resulting in a more profitable and efficient borrowing process for all stakeholders.
Viva is just a transformative economic technology which introduces large scale property mortgage lending to the world. Viva’s platform will utilize wise contracts to crowdfund home loans, connecting borrowers and investors directly in just a decentralized, trustless ecosystem. By leveraging ultra-secure blockchain trades, Viva cuts out the middlemen, resulting in a lending process which is more profitable and efficient for all parties.Viva enables a free market to ascertain the interest rate on a borrower’s mortgage and removes the dependence on banks and other financial intermediaries. By eliminating inefficiencies in local financial techniques, mortgage rates will more fairly and accurately reflect the level of danger related to the asset’s actual value.


Mission-critical info, transactions and appraisals will be endorsed by blockchain technology. Ethereum intelligent contracts and BigchainDB at our Core empower decentralization in an extremely stable, resilient, transparent, and trust-less atmosphere.
Robust Microservice APIs
Built by software engineers specializing in architecting large scale Financial enterprise systems, also a RESTful service oriented architecture will allow the Viva Network to adapt to changing industry trends and chances with ease.
3rd Party FinTech Integration
Built to accelerate alternate finance trends by seeking integration with complimentary suppliers from credit rating to generalized blockchain strength portfolios.
AI/ML Constructed
Embracing Machine Learning abilities to provide insights and Tips, The Viva Network will enable clients like never Earlier, from risk classification to fractionalized mortgage portfolio Finance placement and selection.
Cloud Scalability
Built to harness elastic cloud scalability through containerization in Preparation for large scale adoption of this stage, this may enable Low Latency, high-throughput fractionalized mortgage trading using high Availability.
Bigdata Ready
The Viva Network Platform will utilize AWS For an infrastructure capable of processing vast amounts of loan, Real estate, and trading pattern data sets for machine-learning analytics. That will evolve a uniquely intelligent platform.

Exchange Viva FMS Application:

After the mortgage loan successfully performs reverse processing using the Fractionated Mortgage Shares, it will be available for sale on the exclusive Viva FMS Application Exchange located in Viva Network Peron. The application will work like a typical online exchange of crypto-currencies, and the FMS will trade in a way similar to any revised revenue guarantee. Investors will be able to use this platform to buy (offer) and sell (request) FMS.

These applications include data analytics tools, charts and functionalities that classify all FMS securities based on risk assessment, profitability, duration, IRR, etc. with individual portfolio recommendations and automation available to the average investor. In the Viva FMS Exchange application, an investor can simply click on FMS and view individual information about:

Exchange Viva FMS Application:

1 Credit rating of the lender;

2 Information about the borrower's creditworthiness includes: age, employment status, payment history, credit rating, income, other relevant financial liabilities, ability to repay debt (interest coverage ratio);

3 Two standard risk algorithms based on ranking (classification system 1 and 2);

4 All asset data includes: cost, address / location, size, age and quality of the physical structure, insurance level of homeowners, etc.

5 Standard conditions of Viva recommendation;

6 All the terms of the mortgage agreement include: duration, yield, interest rate (and the VIVA / USD exchange rate date for that date), the cost of the loan at the base facility, and so on.

=> Hard Cap Generation Token Generation: 3,000,000,000 VIVA tokens


=> Hard-cap ETH: 6.870 ETH

Pre-Sales Round 1 => Bonus Token: 40% => ETH lift hard-cap: 500 ETH

Pre-Sales Round 2

=> Bonus Token: 35% => ETH lifted hard-cap: 2,570 ETH

Pre-Sales Round 3 => Token bonus: 30% => ETH lifted hard-cap: 6.870 ETH







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