The platform was founded on November 2017 and headquartered in Oulu, Finland. The right talents on this platform is means freelancing, why them use freelancing?

Freelancing is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and the industry is already worth more than $1.5 trillion in revenue per year. Over 77 million people on the global scale identify their primary employment as a freelancing job.
Beside above data, freelance also offer many advantages as below:

Independently choose any convenient place for work – it does not matter, house, cafe, hub or park. The main thing is connection to the Internet and suitable conditions;
Freelancer does not depend on the company’s work schedule, performs the tasks at a convenient time for him, independently planning his schedule, investing on time;
Does not spend time on the road to the office and back, focusing exclusively on the quality and timing of the tasks;
Has the opportunity to receive payment for his work not by days / weeks / months, but by the fact of providing the result of the work performed.
Nevertheless, such a distance form of employment has disadvantages:

Freelance – not always full employment, but more often – the fulfillment of individual tasks to different customers. Therefore, there is no guarantee of any stability, and the freelancer has to rely solely on himself
Lack of stability in the event that a freelancer does not work for a single customer on an ongoing basis, may lead to the need for a permanent job search
Work for the customer remotely – a big risk of becoming a victim of deception, not having received payment for the work done
The salary depends solely on the amount of work done, so the payment by the customer of such situations as sick leave or leave, when there is no work – from the category of fiction.
Payperblockis a blockchain-based freelancer platform, which is owned and operated by Payperblock Ltd and is used to connect professionals and jobs. The primary customer pool for the company includes freelancers who are blockchain experts and organizations.

The freelancer-base for the Payperblock includes blockchain experts who are skilled and active across different field of business and a variety of industries such as contract developers, software engineer, website developers, 3D mockup artists, writers, digital marketing personnel and remote assistants. The business will start from Finland and will later expand to other countries as the business model allows expansion to global business market.

Main Feature of Payperblock

The main feature of the platform is decentralization of all processes, including guaranteed payment for work done and security of payments, low commissions and community voting, resolution of disputes and prevention of their occurrence. All this is achieved through the use of its own blockbuster – PayB Blockchain, as well as PayB Token tokens.

Other Features of Payperblock

Low Fees : The fee all the clients pay on the Payperblock platform is 1% commission if they make payments using PAYB and 2% when payments are made using Bitcoin.
Transparent Workflow : The platform hopes to introduce transparency in the freelancing industry. Follow up is made in real time, which allows for transparency and quick dispute resolution.
Community-Based Decision Making : Clients and freelancers alike are able to access a distributed dispute resolution process. The community makes decisions that are fair and democratic.
Decentralized Authority : A central authority does not decide the company rules and policies but all the decisions are made through a voting process among all the token holders made up of a large and diverse group of people.
Guaranteed Payment : The platform adopts a vigorous process to ensure clients on the platform always get their payments. For every payment, the agreed amount is frozen on the Ethereum account of the client and released to the freelancer once he or she completes the project. In case of any dispute, various token holders who give a fair and just decision resolve it.
Dispute Elimination Process : The platform will come up with a process that limits the occurrence of disputes. The robust management system will be set and both parties can use the system to monitor the solid workflow that will result in successful projects.

Token Payperblock is designed as a token, compatible with ERC20 on the Ethereum platform and utilizes the locking technology. Target group Payperblock - an airline, a peregrinate agency, a market bellwether, as well as online shops around the world. With such advantages, Payperblock predicated on an advanced, secure and efficacious locking technology, will have a billion dollars in the ecumenical market.

A total of 10 billion Payperblock tokens are beaten for the freelancing business operations platform. 45% of all minted coins will be made available to the general public, 25% of the tokens will be reserved for the future development of cold storage, 15% for the development team and project consultants, and the remaining 15% for the premium program and bonus provisions on the Payperblock platform. Currencies accepted on the Payperblock platform and for the purchase of Payperblock tokens include ETH, BTC and LTC. The exchange rates for PayPerblock tokens are determined one day before the ICO starts.

The ICO will be conducted on website only.
The total supply of the token is 10billion. Below is the detail for the token distribution:

SoftCap: 1 million Dollars
HardCap: 5 million Dollars

10% Bonus
Bonus Lock-up time: 3-6 months

Week One 5%
Week Two 3%
Week Three 2%
Bonus Lock-up time: 2-3 months

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