MonsterBit game-You are ready?!

You are ready?!!!
So, gamesmes are always a rapidly growing field, with some adjusting the speed of technical development of personal computer equipment. Developers of computer games with each new release of their software improve the requirements for game engine performance. But that does not stop anyone, the game lovers are upgrading their computer and continue to pass their favorite games. The passion, excitement and involvement of cyberspace does not stop at online games; when it comes to the next stage of the game, you need to buy a new weapon or armor for your hero. , increase the level of magic or improve your health. In the game room, the sale of heroes and attributes pumped to them is very common. All this is natural with the most real money. Serious, Game lovers are investing thousands of dollars in online entertainment. All this cash flow eventually flows to the game developers.

And this is the era of money in the economy and blockchain. Privilege is introduced to all areas of human life, while demonstrating its undeniable superiority to established models of centralized formation. This phenomenon does not escape and game space. Not long ago, a decentralized online game called Ethereum - CryptoKitties - suddenly broke the lives of crypto fans. And everyone learns it, even those who do not play, because the popularity of this game is very fanatical because of the many deals on the net that burden the network. All activities at Ethereum are slow and expensive. Can you imagine how many users log on to CryptoKitties, what actually happens on the network?

And now is a little quintessential, what does the meaning of crypto mean and who needs it all?
Of course, that means it is in income. To play you need to buy a hero, in this case it is a crypto (no matter how strange sound). Then they grow up, pass and take out new ones, then sell them for thousands of dollars. Madness! - You can say can. But this is the same game, enthusiasm, someone willing to pay to get fun, and someone willing to make money from it. For each in-game transaction, the developer receives a commission. Thus, the developers of CryptoKitties - AxiomZen studio, have generated about $ 2.7 million in a week. Users make 25,000 transactions, 20,500 passwords are sold at an average cost of $ 108. Do you like these numbers? For me, a lot! But over time, in any project, the popularity gradually decreases,

So, the development team is in a hurry to introduce a new, decentralized MonsterBit game. Its essence is the same as in crypto, just a hero is a monster. The team carefully analyzes all the minuses and advantages of the CryptoKitties project. Functions, development errors, users are not satisfied. And all this is taken into account in addition to extending the functionality in your MonsterBit project. In this case, you develop your little monster, buy food, guns. Go ahead, your hero can be sold and not bad about this result. I believe it is important to attract advertisers to this platform. Assuming you are a player and do not want to pay for your monster food, you have another option - you may see ads rather than pay.

About MosterBit
Yes, MonsterBit is copied from CryptoKitties and the author does not hide it. Why create and test, we will have a successful HYIP project and fix it - that is the key to success. Not everyone will understand the concept of crypto. Yes, far away, not everyone understands the nature of money.

However, MonsterBit will satisfy the audience. Those who want to play for fun - will do it. Someone will develop their monster, sell it and make good money, if desired, can do it many times. Advertisers will get potential customers. Yes, developers and project investors will get the plan benefits.

The project's domestic currency is Ethereum. It will contain all the calculations inside the game. MB notification card gives you the right to buy monster creation system.
The fully functional MonsterBit game is scheduled to be released by the group on July 1, In total, plans to sell 6 million MB of cards in three sales rounds:
Round 1 = 1 000 000 MB card. The sale is ongoing and will last until March 20, Token fee within 1: 1MB = $ 0.20
Round 2 = 2 000 000 MB card. The sale period is from 11.04 to 25.04.2018. Token charges within 2: 1MB = $ 0.5
Round 3 = 3,000,000 card caps. The sale period is from 26.05 to 10.06.2018. Token Fee in 3: 1MB = $ 1- $ 2
Game Monsterbit also offers some Bounty, For more information on Bounty Monsterbit please visit LINK BOUNTY MONSTERBIT.

Who are the teams behind the MonsterBit game?


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