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It is important to note that real estate for today is a very valuable asset. But there are also disadvantages of this niche, namely: when you are selling an apartment, you can not cope with it yourself, accordingly, you will need the help of a realtor who needs to pay for work, with various references and pay the notary for his work as well. All the above manipulations are almost always done when selling, buying or renting premises. It's time to change everything.

Let's talk about the IAT platform, which is considered unique in this segment of the market and opens chic conditions for all subjects.

What is the purpose of the platform?
IAT The IAT platform is designed to maximize the benefits and minimize the losses that participants may face in the real estate market. IAT is aimed at solving such problems as transaction costs, ensuring security and transparency, saving time and costs, limiting foreign investors.
IAT aims to make investment in real estate easily accessible to the masses, eliminating traditional barriers by digitizing assets. In addition, the company's goal is to create transparency of the resale and leasing processes, as well as the integration of other utilities for tokens on the platform, which include furniture, legal costs and expenses for attracting tax auditors.

Using Smart Contracts
Using smart contracts, the terms of the transaction, such as the selling price, rental rate and commission, will be pre-agreed and unchanged until the transaction is completed. The target markets on which the company focuses are developing countries with a developing real estate industry that demonstrate high rental profitability and high potential capital gains.

It is important to note that the IAT is an ecosystem that is aimed at various areas of the real estate market.
Thus, the platform will provide and support the following utilities: rents, asset purchases, asset management fees, furniture payments, tax advice and services, legal fees, agent / broker commission fees, a list of assets for sale or rent, receipt of proceeds from sale / lease.
What problems will the IAT solve?
The IAT team refers to several questions with the current real estate market. The main goal is to reduce all transaction costs. The real estate market is currently swelling due to agents, taxes, brokers and developers, which adds to transaction costs. In the Philippines, the cost of buying or selling a property is almost a quarter of the total value of the property. IAT wants the cost to be reduced to half. Another problem that the IAT wants to solve is security.

Buyers and sellers are often targeted by hackers. The current system, although relatively safe, is not sufficient to protect all parties involved in the real estate transaction. IAT wants to use blockchain technology to store customers' data safely

Advantages and purpose of the platform:

To pay rent, it is recommended to use NIAT and this will provide a discount.
The company will try to attract more business partners to its system, which will give a huge potential for the development of the system.
Payment for asset management services Owners of NIAT tokens can use to pay for our asset management services.
Purchase of NIAT assets can also be used to purchase assets and reside in the IAT ecosystem.
Holders of payment cards for legal services can use NIAT to pay for the services of lawyers or legal advisers.
Payment for tax advice and services Cardholders can use the NIAT to pay for the services of tax advisers.
Owners of property tokens for sale or lease can use NIAT to pay commission sales when publishing products on a web portal.
Owners of assets can decide whether to receive rental or sale proceeds in the form of NIAT.
In the event that the commission is to be paid to the agent / broker, the chip holders can choose to pay the commission of their agent / broker using the NIAT.

Token: IAT
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Qty: 4,500,000,000 IAT
Price: 1 IAT = 0,01 USD
Payment: BTC, ETH
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 20,000,000 USD

The general director is Lim Kim Hwy (AKA Raymond)
director - Chiv Zi Kai (AKA Bryan)
Director of Marketing - Jovel De Guzman
Manager of Public Relations - MJ Pojida
Event Manager - Leo Salonga
operational manager - Marelyn Cubian.
IAT is a unique platform, through which it will be possible to make transactions with real estate on favorable terms. Initially, the project will start working in the Philippines, since it is here that the crypto currency is fixed at the legislative level.

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