Bronix offers self-representing non-legislative options and autonomous speculation platform cryptographic money, giving most extreme protection of advanced information, security, straightforwardness and easy to understand interface for settlements.

Cash can be deciphered continuously paying little respect to time and place far and wide. Bronix has a reasonable vision and an unmistakable technique to accomplish the same.

Bronix gives money related opportunity and steadiness in the present fluctuating economy, staying powerful in the present scenario.

With the help of appropriated bookkeeping innovation and the world's best specialized group, Bronix was formed to make norms in the cryptographic money advertise.

The trading platform will be the next generation of trading platforms that will offer trading opportunities to cryptocurrency investors and traders.

BRONIX will offer the full spectrum of trading activities which will range from a normal day trading to full-fledged trading of derivate.

BRONIX, will also offer exciting possibilities of social trading that will allow users to trade as peer the trades performed by peers and this might include trading geniuses who have made a fortune by trading.

The BRONIX platform has some modules and the features are explained as follows:

It will utilize the power of blockchain and then utilize the plan to produce a fruitful and a stable future for individuals all around the world.
At BRONIX, there is a plan to channelize this new technology and make it available to citizens across the planet and also unfold the golden opportunity it is associated with.
BRONIX platform will be guided with simplicity, security and transparency. BRONIX application and web portal will make it easy for management and accessing of the platform for old and new investors or traders.
With the availability of an incredible team with seasoned developers, adroit marketers and experienced founders, we are head-on creating a benchmark in the cryptocurrency market.
The capital segment can be categorized as follows:

A forwards/futures market which will allow people to trade on the basis if the future price of the desired cryptocurrency.
BRONIX will make it possible for users to purchase cryptocurrencies in a large quantity at a market-determined price.
Options trading will allow users to pay a premium in order to gain the option of either buying or selling a cryptocurrency at a formula derived stake price.

An instant transfer.
The absence of the third party.
Prevention of fraud.
Availability of confidentiality.
The presence of an active management.
A decentralized and a P2P platform.
Our ICO subtle elements
Bronix is happy to announce Bronx token deals to invested individuals as a chance to purchase and contribute Bronx tokens before the real discharge to advertise. Buys will be made through our gathering pledges crusade, Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Bronix offers this brilliant chance to be a piece of our family and advantage from the quickest developing biological community Bronix means to create straightforward, sheltered and effective money related venture solutions that will channel a similar development open doors for people around the world, the primary target behind the general population ICO is to attract open attention to the BRONIX token and distribute it around the world.

We additionally intend to produce subsidizing for foundation and the advancement of new highlights and resource administration, which are basic for venture completion. With ICO, we offer an exceptional chance to be a piece of the BRONIX family, by contributing with us and respecting the advanced cash advertise at a value which is extremely affordable.

At BRONIX, we are committed to giving a legitimate, sheltered, proficient, straightforward and reasonable venture platform for our speculators.

People in general ICO Main Event will start on July 26, 2018 and will proceed for a period of 31 days until August 27, 2018. All Bronix tokens obtained amid the occasion will be credited to part's endless supply of the ICO crusade. Any unsold tokens will be come back to the Bronix group.

Begin Date: Thursday, July 26, 2018 00:00:00 GMT

End Date: Sun, August 26, 2018 23:59:59 GMT

250 million Bronx tokens will be offered under major ICO occasions. Additional extra tokens will likewise be granted for consequent deals in the millions. The base number of tokens to purchase is.


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