Super Interesting Experience Yestermorning With Another Angel Lady!!!

Happened again! Meeting more special people that seem to help me on the path of life. Keeping me on the right track!! Went to the corner store for smokes or whatever and outside met this brown skin lady with 2 really barky yappy small dogs. She told me these were dogs who were rescued by her mother from a hoarder who kept animals in unsafe conditions so got them out of there and took a couple home. I totally respect that and that's what started the conversation. She is Native although forget the name of her Nation. She was a real nice person and we had quite a long chat.

She told me she is still treated poorly by the locals in this town for being Native. That's too bad 'cause she is moving away and I really like her. She was performing a traditional Sun Dance in town and the neighbours complained. That is so lame. Yea people complained about my loud drumming at my place. The cops showed up and she explained it was her right to have

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