Super Excited To Share This Sailor Moon Theme Mashup!! (English+Japanese blend)

This is a mashup I made awhile back and finally put a video to!! The backdrop is all Sailor Moon memes!! Credit for the memes goes to the No Context Sailor Moon page on facebook - And yes!! I posted the video to No Context Sailor Moon group and it was approved!! I'm actually really happy with it!!

I layered some parts of the songs together and they fit together perfect!!! I think the memes are so funny and they go with the song!!

Here is the video -

I've been actually playing a Sailor Moon song at open mic and it's a surprise! Really lightens up the pub whenever I play it!! I made a first recording and will continue to work on the sound a bit before I put it out there too! It's a fun song. Getting me into playing songs for fun! There is allot of negative acting people, anti-social behaviour around and Sailor Moon songs kill it!! People need some cuteness in their life and Sailor Moon really helps allot!! Haha reminds me of a saying I came up with - crush the world with your cuteness!!!

Original post on steemit -

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