Pink Hair Girl Dancer At Diner Parking Lot

Had a surreal experience witnessing a girl with pink hair dancing in the parking lot of the diner as I walked out after my late breakfast!! She had long pink hair and she was a good dancer!! She twirled around, moved her hips and her style looked cute and interesting. I watched her for awhile while having a cigarette. She had her music blaring out of her white car and that is what she was dancing to. It seemed so weird yet kinda cool! I thought what is going on!?

As I watched her dance I saw a truck pull up and about 4 police came out!! The truck was un marked. They went up to talk to the girl and told her to turn the music off. When she turned the music off in her car she looked right at me!! She waved!! and I waved back!!! I immediately felt sorry for her. Why would they need 4 cops for one party girl!? Some people came out from the diner to check out what was going on. One lady was pointing at her and saying stuff. I was too far away to hear what they were saying. The front of this girls car was roughed and bumped up a bit looked like. Maybe she had a fender bender, maybe she was dancing around cause she was on drugs. I thought she may be in trouble. I felt like I wanted to help her but couldn't talk to her. So many cops. Like what the hell did she do? It's a mystery. Maybe she was getting pulled over by cops and went to the diner just off the highway to be in a safe location.

On my way out of town on the secondary highway on my way to the next town I saw 2 police vans coming to the town. I wonder if they were coming because of her and to pick her up. The cops in the un marked truck must not have had room for her 'cause there were 4 officers. Kinda strange wild start to my day!! Reminded me of allot of stuff. Had some symbolism and synchronicity for me. Plus I've been dancing all day after seeing her! I said a prayer for her to be all right. I feel sorry for people like this party girl. If only she had a friend like me!!! I could maybe help cheer her up!

I was reminded of my friend I'm kinda in love with. I know her from the pub, noticed her doing party girl stuff the other night... Now I'm thinking cool, it's alright to be a dear friend to her. I told her I have been heartbroken in the past by my party friends 'cause they were not there to help me in a time of need when I was going through a family crises. I'm hoping we can see each other, go on a date, outside of the pub, get to know each other better. We are both kinda nervous around each other so it might seem kinda hard at first. Hopefully we can relax and have a good time together. I may see her around again one of these days. She now lives out of town but comes back to visit from time to time.

So the pink haired girl theme has come up a few times lately. First it was the new Black Mirror with the character Ashley O played by Miley Cyrus. It was a trippy episode, I really like it. I'm into industrial music so loved that every pop song Ashley O did is a Nine Inch Nails cover!! Pretty cool. I'm into the cyberpunk dystopian future 2019 and for me the Ashley O music video depicts it perfectly for me!! After seeing the pink haired girl dance to loud pop music from her car today and thinking of Ashley O I am inspired to make some dystopian pop!! For sure!! Really love 80's-ish Synth Pop as well. Will try to make some blends of those feelz!!

Check out the Ashley O On A Roll video!!

The pink hair and overall pinkness of the video goes so well with that pop dancing pink haired girl I saw today!! hehe almost in pop bliss over this!!!

Another pink hair girl I've been getting into again is Chibiusa from Sailor Moon!! She has pink hair too and she is Sailor Moon's daughter. Some people find her annoying on the cartoon but I think she is a really cute character!! I love her!! I've been getting back into it 'cause I've been listening to allot of Sailor Moon music lately! It seems to help me and calm me down lately. Helping me with the cute love quotient too. Been having more feelz for the ladies around lately. It's good for me. I just want to be a genuine friend, I don't need anything.

Here is one of the Sailor Moon songs I've been listening to lately.

So yea just a cool story that's reminding me of some stuff and made for an interesting day! Helping me dance away and tune up the relationships!! Tonight I will go to open mic again. Hopefully have fun. I will try to go early so I don't stay out too late. Don't know if I will play anything tonight, maybe, if not that's okay. Sometimes I just like to hear others play. But if there is someone there that wants me to play something I may do it. I will be thinking of this story and will write some dystopian pop soon. Sweet!! Glad to be inspired!!

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