New Song!! Working Through The Life With Boosters To The Problems!!! Interesting Head Trip.

Been much going on in the warmer weather! Been trying to still get out more and keep the healthy social. There's been problems, more grief with letters from gov't giving out more penalties for deemed debt of corporate income tax. A problem that is going on for about 10 years. They are playing TrickS on me now with a 30 day threat date marked on the page while the letter was received 26 days later by the postage!! All started with a family crises where the debts piled up around the economic downturn of 2008/9. I realized in those tough times I go for love and friendship more to help me through a difficult time. In the past some people revealed how cold and uncaring they were in hard times. So it made me sensitive to it. Yet I go on... try to find nicer people and better social circle.

Interesting social stuff going on at open mic at the pub. Old friends came around, they played some! I got compliments on my performance there. Yet there is other stuff going on with this guy who got my ex girlfriend pregnant and now he's acting badly towards me in public and horrible to her. He comes to the same pub sometimes. Then after I played good the one night.... after owner rewarded me with a beer I stupidly tried to roll a hash cigarette on the table. I stopped but felt harsh cause this pub owner is a long time friend and I can know better. Also one of my fav people to see there is not around any more. My half Japanese young lady friend. But then something happened with her blue shirt last time I seen her. The blue shirts keep popping up!! This black lady giving a talk on youtube wore a blue shirt talking about White Rage that I watched a day or so after

There are some people I like who work at this diner I go to. The last time I saw these waitresses there that I like they wore blue shirts too!! I think I feel I'm on the right path with this. Feeling more relaxed around these friendlier people. Makes me want to get to know them better in a genuine kinda way. We always have good chats. Pretty much leave it at that. Yet these people I like and myself... we all live busy lives. I've always sought out connection and know about the busy life thing. To me it's the sweetest if some people can break the chains and come out to play once in awhile! Just to enjoy the others company.

So this last tune I put out there is called Head Junk. It does kinda symbolize all the stuff running around my head haha!! Now I can clear it out and get further on the path. I'm writing another song that I really like right now too!! Won't release it yet 'cause I may try to add some lyrics to it. Will probably shorten it 'cause it's a little longer too. May release the longer instrumental version as well as one with lyrics. This Head Junk song is a little longer too!! It's about 8 and a half minutes. I like to have the songs a little longer sometimes for practice so I can see what I can do further with a sound or groove as it goes along for a stretch.

I'm glad I'm still making music. It helps me through the times. It helps with the kinda stuff I talk about in these posts too!! Gotta keep it going. The bit of love and friendship encourages me for it!! And when I make a tune in turn it pumps me up to be more social and creative too with positivity!! I've dealt with harsh and negative, I won't close my eyes. Yet I go towards better times and finding those I can navigate through harder times with. In a way you go alone yet a little understanding, love and encouragement can go a long way too!! I love it when we get out of our shells, stop working and make some kind of sweet connection.

Well glad I could make this post!! It's been awhile!! I will work more on my projects and thinking and will have more to share and work through soon I think!! Thanks for reading!! I think I will still have fun with this summer time!

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