New Off The Wall Wacked Track! - Synthesis Underground - Wracked The Maze. New Art

Seems to me the most unreal alien sound unlocked and unleashed

Wanted to make a mix of some a.i. generated drum and bass stuff I found with some self made stuff to try to tweak it up and out. Got a twisted synthesis in the first break! The tune goes for a longer time. Over 10 minutes. Something thrown together to get with the sense. I like how it turned up! Has some weird spots in there. Some complicated layers. It is a sort of collage art wall of noise piece.

It is free to download!

I like the fast and frantic bits. Making this sort of thing does help me unwind! I like to keep it sort of weird. Gotta keep at it!! The last few days have been alright here. Been able to squeeze in a little time to make stuff. The hectic work life is still around me, still helping fam out, busy. I'm savouring creating some sound mix even more. Tomorrow will be off for a bit. In the night time will go to the open mic with my bro. Hopefully he will play something while there.

My music collection vault is to be found and opened at band camp. I want to work up enough material to make some more compilations of sounds soon. Cool yea, I feel onto this never ending project to the perked up effect.

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