Been Nudging Through On The Life. Some New Art

And oh what a life!! Still working through the war like tone of the gov't letters. Had the spirit in me to still fight. Not submit. Know my right. Been exhausting shuffling through papers, writing letters. It's all to get on to the next phase. Get all of that paperwork out of the way. Face off with the faceless interface. Produce the inter phasic shielding against the ill will attacks.

The weather is changing. It's snowing in summer right now!! Been busy bringing plants in as well. Some other funny things going on. I miss the young lady at the diner who likes me. Maybe she doesn't work there right now, maybe she is working on the farm or starting school. I like more friendly people in my life. Maybe I will ask someone if she works there still. Someone who doesn't drink, I like young people like that when they don't get all messed up going with the crowd.

My friend came over the other night and showed me more options for music on the computer. Have been busy lately so haven't gotten to it much. I want to get back to it with these expanded options! I still am feeling inspired, it can save me and enhance the mood. There was someone playing at the music pub the other night so I am hopeful. I want to keep clearing my mind and have some real fun.

There is a strange cultural almost dark cloud coming here in Canaduh!? it feels. It's with the new marijuana laws coming. I'm afraid everywhere will be run by pot heads. I think allot of weed smokers tend to be negative yet act hip. That bothers me. I think the cops will keep pulling people over for no reason too. Just another situation created where the police can harass poor and young people. Then there is how the border patrol in the U.S. will act towards Canadians over legal weed. Heard if someone says they have used, work in the industry or have shares in a pot company they will be perma banned from entering the U.S. Here is an article I found about it. Seems like a big Uhh Oh! I don't know what's going to happen. Perhaps it will be less harsh if Trump doesn't get re-elected or gets impeached.

So yea I just want to get back to love, life, creativity and the fun kind of madness. Still dealing with allot though, feel kinda tired. I just want to get through the next while. I will have some freer times for awhile. Won't have to work much for the next month I think. So I think I can manage to get a little more creative and social, also give myself some solitude too to work myself out.

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