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We all have a desire to earn. And it is desirable that this earnings are not dusty, that the investments themselves earn and do it in the shortest possible time. Since the banks themselves have long been discredited, we are all looking for new sources of earnings. But everyone knows that you can earn a lot of money where there is a lot of risk. For such earnings just the right venture investment.

Venture investments are, as a rule, risky investments with a profitability above the average. They are also a tool for obtaining a share in the ownership of the company.

Venture capital is capital used for direct private investment, which is usually provided by outside investors to finance new, growing companies, or companies on the verge of bankruptcy.

I invite everyone who wants to make a lot of money to get acquainted with the project EQUI Capital, using the decentralized blockchain-platform Ethereum.


EQUI will use a sustainable investment platform that allows all participants to profit from their revenues. The user of the EQUI platform can be in three forms: the investor, the holder (the holder of the tokens) or the trader.

The investor acquires EQUItokens and can invest them in all the projects presented on the platform, or choose the most interesting ones. Investors receive 70% of the profit (according to the invested tokens) earned from this invested project.

Investing in different projects, investors diversify their investment portfolio. As an additional reward, investors receive an additional 5% of EQUItokens from the total amount of investments from the loyalty system EQUIcredits.

Holders are people who purchased EQUItokens but did not use them as investments, but simply keep them in their portfolio. Holders receive a 5% profit (according to the number of tokens) received by EQUI from the portfolio of realized investments, provided that the tokens are held for 3 months prior to the distribution of profits.

Traders who prefer to trade EQUItokens benefit only from the growth and fall of the EQUItoken price in the price and do not profit from the EQUI reward mechanisms.

To develop the platform, the EQUI command launches the ICO. Pre-sale will be held from 1 to 8 March 2018, and the main sale is scheduled for March 8 and will go until March 31, 2018.

A minimum investment equivalent to $100 is accepted.

During the pre-sale currencies such as USD, GBP, EUR and BTC are accepted. During the main ICO, EQUItokens can only be purchased for BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP.

For sale, 250 million EQUI tokens are offered at a price of 0.5 USD per 1 token. There are bonuses for early participants:


More information about the project EQUI, its team and terms of sale of the tokens you will find on the official sites of the project:
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