Bitclave Wants Users to Profit on Their Data

What should a search engine know about you? Would you like to better protect what data you share online? Have you ever wondered about how much money others make from selling your customer data?   BitClave has created the next generation blockchain technology for search engines, called BitClave Active Search Ecosystem. BitClave blockchain technology gives you more control over privacy and anonymity, so now you can decide what personal information you share online. The idea is also to pay you directly, each time a business accesses this information to make you an "offer." Doesn't that sound nice? Discover all of the benefits of the next generation of online searching systems.   


Customers Control Data 

Doesn't it feel like the top online brands know a little bit too much about you? Are search engines using your information without your permission? You might have noticed that YouTube offers you a range of videos, replicating themes that you have already chosen. Of course, these online juggernauts say that their use of your personal information will improve your selections. BitClave’s system will give surfers more control over their data. Join BitClave and decide which consumer information, you want to share. BitClave offers better privacy and anonymity because its system is "opt in" - just as it should be.   


Spread the Wealth 

Too often, consumers are the last ones to see the profits. You might have been a bit surprised to learn that companies were monetizing your consumer data. Your data is valuable, so shouldn't you be paid first? Of course, you should. BitClave believes in spreading the wealth and removes the middleman and offer direct-to-consumer marketing. There is a $550,000,000,000 ads market. So far, the ad services have been the "middlemen." BitClave offers you the ability to control your identity and limit access to your data. That way, businesses must pay you for the access. You don't get to stay at a hotel for free, why should businesses get access to your consumer data for free? With BitClave consumers can now enjoy a piece of the online marketing pie.   

Next Generation Searching 

Everyone wins with BitClave’s next generation technology: consumers have more privacy and can earn tokens for their time and data, businesses have more targeted ads and the token value increases. BitClave has raised $16 million already in private and public pre-sale token events. The full token sale starts in November. So, visit the website at to sign up for the token sale.  

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