GOeureka || uses blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform

GOeureka is a technology company that uses blockchain technology to build a hotel booking platform. Our mission is to decentralize the hotel booking sector and provide better services by enabling hotels to connect directly with their customers. As a technology partner for hotels, GO provides dynamic digital experiences for users and members of the structure that can be used by online travel agents.


Online travel facilitators are the right example of how new technology can exclude existing industries. These online agents have a big advantage over normal hotels because they can provide cheaper prices and more choices to consumers.

However, not everything is bright for online travel agencies; Traditional hotel sectors are slowly using online technology. However, these hotels are still lagging behind. They have to work faster. If not, people who make them in touch with customers can make more of them. The GOeureka team thinks they might have found something that would give the hotel an edge over the agency. To do this, they decided to add the loyalty program available with blockchain technology.

The goal of the GO project is to utilize blockchain to create relationships between hotels and customers. Hotels will use paid status when they will get more at the same price.


"GOeureka leads to the re-booking function, which waits for patents for clients to get the best possible value for the room. If the rates go down, the re-booking feature automatically detects existing orders at a lower level and gives them new," Rai added.

GOeureka also proposed an interoperable loyalty program that will benefit hotels and customers by promoting their own hotel loyalty program with the option to change hotel loyalty points to GO Credit which can be used on the GOeureka platform.

"For consumers who have subscribed to several loyalty programs, the corporate loyalty program solution from GOeureka can facilitate instant exchanges and exchanges for multiple loyalty points on one platform," said Rai. "Blockchain acts as an eternal and safe directory of all transactions related to the issuance of GO credits, creating a transparent supply of loyalty points that can be verified without the need for intermediaries."

GOeureka will launch the first alpha version of their hotel booking platform on September 10th.

"We will do test work directly on the platform for the next few weeks and have the MVP Platform Order feature ready on September 10," said Rai.

The main feature of Blockchain is accountability. Go will use the block chain to ensure accounting and transparency in the ecosystem. Go will replace the payment mechanism for games used by most travel agents. The platform will be impartial and users will not be charged any commission. On GO, you no longer have to pay for visibility. All ads and search results are determined by hotel performance and user ratings. Book Hotels in Goerek

If the hotel wants to integrate, the GO ecosystem will offer an API where hotels can connect their inventory to the reservation system. The manual is arranged in the hotel information department, so integration can take place without a hitch. Go will also integrate into hotel management software through strategic partnerships. One of the problems that GO will solve is a separate loyalty program. Today every airline, car rental and hotel has its own loyalty program. This makes it difficult for ordinary consumers to get enough points to pay significant rewards. The integrated loyalty program based on blockchain is the future. Go will build compatible programs based on this technology. Users have the option to change the Hotel Loyalty Program points to GO loans. With this system, loyalty points obtained by car rental companies can be converted into GO loans. Then it can be used to pay for hotel rooms.



GOeureka GO Token ICO Details

As many as 1 billion GO Tokens will be issued with 1 GO token = IDR 10,000. There will be a reduced distribution of the Token GO bonus after meeting the maximum or preset time limit, whichever comes first. While 30% will be stored in a backup pool for operational initiatives, funding marketing strategies, and other activities relevant to business growth. During personal pre-sale, contributions will be received in US Dollars (USD), Singapore Dollars (SGD) or Ether (ETH). All contributions will be converted to ETH, live, at the applicable rates. Token sales will last about three weeks.

GO will hold a personal presale in the first round one month before the Token Sales with an accredited investor, with a minimum contribution of US $ 50,000 each. Interested parties are welcome to whitelist with GO to join this fundraising round. Contributors to funds collected during this period are entitled to a 30% bonus distribution. The maximum limit during this round is 150,000,000 GO Tokens and will be closed two weeks before the Token Sales. If the maximum cap is not reached during personal pre-sale, it will be opened to the public, with a minimum contribution requirement of US $ 1000 (equivalent ETH value). There will be a 15% bonus distribution during this round. Pre-sales will close earlier if the maximum limit is reached or will expire on the day before the Token Sales.


Token sales will expire sooner after the total maximum limit is met or after Week 3 of Token Sales. All unsold tokens will be burned.

The founders of GO and team tokens will be locked and can be withdrawn every three months over a 24-month period, while advisors will receive their tokens after six months after the ICO. Tokens from the Reserve Pool will be used to accelerate the implementation of the GO platform. To market the platform efficiently at a much faster rate, GO aims to raise US $ 60 million, after the first round of successful seed funding.

GO has spent the last 12 months working on the beta version of its platform, consulting blockchain technologists on the token model in preparation for the initial coin offer. To effectively match existing OTAs, US $ 60 million is needed to scale the platform and substantially increase our gross orders over the next 3 years. Figures from Expedia show a high potential segment for fast revenue growth. For example, Expedia made gross orders of more than US $ 70 billion in 2016 against its operating costs (eg, marketing, salaries) at almost US $ 7 billion.10


Produced Token




Complete development of the GO platform will be the top priority and the earliest destination. Important features will be built as soon as possible launching the fully functional GO platform, which will be expanded later. The launch of the Beta GO platform will include rebooking features, hotel system integration and loyalty program subscriptions for websites. The application will be launched with the hotel check-in service application, room key features, Fiat payment currency, and loyalty point tracking.


Mar 2018 - August 2018

GO platform to launch and accept orders

Launch of GO Token Sales

App and Booking website development

Marketing and connections with potential partners

Sep 2018 - Dec 2018

Beta product launch test with partner hotels

Product market launch

Development of loyalty points

Launch of digital marketing campaigns and customer acquisition programs


Build key partnerships with hotel groups

Develop a loyalty network for shopping points interoperable on the platform

Development of multiple cryptocurrency payments


Expand cross-industry loyalty networks

Have a global market reach

Develop blockchain loyalty networks

Data exploration and large customer analytics

For more information :

Website: https://goeureka.io/
Whitepaper: https://goeureka.io/#download
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