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Alphateca is a global encrypted market where every user can act as a buyer or seller, sell or buy various services or goods using electronic money. as a means of payment. Imagine that you only take 10 minutes to make that individual (link) without leaving home, go to Alphateca and give your tablet, car, yacht, track your own items or rare Hoi popular computer games for sale in just a few clicks! Tens of thousands of people see your endless day - someone will surely love it. In a very short time you can find buyers, get paid at cryptowallet and safely buy the merchandise you need from hundreds of categories in the crypto market.

It also works with other types of goods, for example, with digital intellectual property. You can distribute audio, e-books, computer games, photos, and more with electronic money around the world. Alphateca is the best way to make money from your creative potential. Among the hundreds of thousands of users around the world who will appreciate your creativity and will be able to buy copies for themselves.

What are the characteristics of Alphateca for the global market?

Alphateca is based on two principles: loyalty to money and global aspirations to promote the use of electronic money in everyday life. Getting your job on the Alphateca platform is pretty simple. Friendly interface, familiar images and simple language will allow you to understand basic principles in just a few minutes. We have set up a section of Modern and Convenient Support for you, including all the materials needed to explore the secret world globe through articles and videos. You can find answers to frequently asked questions on the site, in the relevant section. You can discuss issues or suggestions about upgrading sites in forums. Active forum users receive special rankings and achievements displayed in their accounts.

The Alphateca platform has a number of free features: entries, auctions, etc., but also paid services like ads, store builders, sponsorships, and a host of other services. You can use it with electronic money or tokens, which can be obtained in ICO campaigns.

Any user who supports Alphateca from anywhere for the fee will receive the bonus code, personal achievements, displayed on the profile, and affect the overall rank and trust of the account. clause


Alphateca's future development platform?

The cryptographic community is closed and unintelligible, but in reality, everything is simple and clear when someone wants to explain it. To expose your potential on the Alphateca platform, we've set up detailed guidance to our YouTube channel. There you can find basic concepts related to the crypto world, the answer to the question
YouTube Alphateca Channel:


Token Technique ️Alphateca [ATEC]?

Alphateca-based encryption [ATEC] is based on Ethereum [ERC-20]. The ATEC token has a limited broadcast. This is a utility token, it can be used to address in the project, but it can be moved on the site. . Can not use external token.

ATC Token Distribution
Full play - 177 000 000 ATEC
Pre-sale - 19 000 000 ATEC
ICO - 155 000 000 ATEC
Bonus - 1 500 000 ATEC
Gift Certificate - 1 500 000 ATEC

Pre-sale (June 15-25).
Bonus fixed - 25%.
Limited Token - 19 000 000 ATEC (to sell about 15,000 000 ATEC)
1 ETH = 7,000 ATEC
0.079 BTC = 7,000
Minimum ATEC Purchase - 0.5 ETH

Note: All unsigned tokens will be canceled. Disposable tokens can only be used.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Alphateca?

According to WhitePaper,

All in one way: Many goods and services are gathered on one platform, very easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can find the car you're interested in, call your car dealer and car accessory, maintenance service, car wash closure or even salon adjustment - All this without leaving the platform.

Globalization: Buyers and sellers from all over the world meet in one place on the Alphateca platform. When visiting other countries, you can easily find goods and services in your city or region. Imagine buying or renting everything you need without an agency fee, or losing interest in redeeming your country's money for local is simple. You just need to come to your favorite city to relax, go to Alphateca, choose a residential product or service, click the "contact the seller" button and the seller will immediately get a view. Newspaper from platform.

Fast and Cheap: When talking about transactions, it gives you a commission for electronic money transactions that are much lower than bank transactions. Due to the reduced cost of the seller, the final price of the goods may be lower for the buyer. The transaction is free of charge and does not lose interest when moving to another country. Electronic money is sent to the seller's account in minutes regardless of distance.

Convenience of transactions: All necessary trading tools are available on this platform: Fast and secure money buyers within a few clicks, converting between each currency on the platform.

A wide range of marketing: About marketing strategies related to online advertising and phased online advertising worldwide and the great use of Internet tools to promote. We also rely on your positive experience using this platform and we hope you share it with your friends and colleagues.

High-level hierarchy: This feature is a key feature of a successful project. Your transactions do not depend on bank hours, bank holidays, and weekends. Blockchain technology is available 24/7 and enables the most transparent operation while maintaining user privacy.

Services for users: Platform users can always use the surety service to conduct secure transactions. Guarantor is an intermediary between the seller and the buyer. He tracks the terms of the transaction and is the first stage of the arbitration. For example, you'll buy precious metals with electronic money - and you find sellers in Alphateca. Using a warranty service, you transfer money to a security account, which will freeze until the transaction expires. Buyers and sellers make transactions; Guarantor monitors compliance with all subtleties and performance of all obligations.

Service: Buyer has the option to pause the payment for a while. This is a fully automated system that transfers the buyer's electronic money into a secure wallet and transfers it to the seller after a certain period of time (standby time). Hold's presence on the transaction prevents the buyer from cheating on the one hand, and confirms his serious intentions to the seller on the other. Keeping, for example, is a great tool when planning vacation and rental housing. Suspension is automatically "cashed" on the day of arrival, if the buyer does not cancel the payment for any reason. Hold's presence assures the seller that the entire amount has been paid by the buyer and the buyer can check the terms specified in the rental notice before proceeding with the transfer.

Auction on the platform: Any vendor can start pricing on the platform and send invitations to everyone.

What are the benefits of using the Alphateca platform?

Every day, dozens of companies around the world join the electronic money community. In many countries such as the US, the UK, Russia ... electronic money is recognized as a legitimate means of payment and in subsequent years electronic money can be used to pay for any kind of real estate. services, including state facilities.

Alphateca customer benefits:

Our development strategy is based on an accurate view of the current situation and the prospects for market change and is divided into the following stages:

Invite companies that have worked with electronic money.
Promote electronic money among traditional money holders in terms of purchase.
Encourage companies to use traditional money to use electronic money for our market operations.In fact, the Alphateca platform is a highly desirable product, in which many additional features and innovations have been deployed.

Alphateca's future development plan?


December 1, 2017: Birth of an idea


January 15, 2018: Prototype platform
March 15, 2018: Turn ideas into technical tasks
April 1, 2018: Collect all team members
May 1, 2018: The first alpha version of the project
May 22, 2018: The group's first presentation at the Expo Forum
June 1, 2018: Technical release of the project
June 10, 2018: Release production version with paid services, personal messaging, censorship and support services.
June 14, 2018: Introducing stores, organizations, auctions
June 15, 2018: Launch of Pre-Sales program, expanded to Germany, France
July 1, 2018: ICO Launch, offline project support event, add training materials to July 2018 website: Drag retail stores and buyers for the project, add iOS and Android Apps, geographic expansion of the project to Austria, Italy.
August 2018: Launch of token exchange services and ATEC services, video / video evaluation on projects, meetings, general sales and project expansion into Scandinavian countries.
September 2018: Add webinars, new advertising tools, geographic expansion of projects to the UK
October 2018: Preparing for New Year's sales, setting up events with ticket sales through website, expanding project geography to Japan.
November 2018: Event execution, geographical expansion of the project to Turkey, India

  • December 2018: Award of gift cards and corporate gift products for the new year.


Quarter I - 2019: Introducing new sales tools, setting up a "real estate / commodity rental" portfolio, expanding the project to Latin America.
Quarter II - 2019: Geographical expansion of the project to China
Quarter III + IV: The ability to adapt websites with the ability to buy offline.


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