ALCEDO designed an ecosystem that implements blockchain technology into everyday life. Allows people around the world to have access to cryptocurrency.

The Alcedo platform is unique, as explained in the previous article. The project system consists of several components that are interconnected by the API, so that all actions on the platform will be specified in the blockchain and available on request. Thus, the full transparency of the operation is reached. The main components of this project are: ALCEDO access points, ALCE tokens, wallets, ALCEDO POS terminals, debit cards, cryptomatics. All of this is part of a single platform that can function independently, because of the nature of the cycle.

ALCEDO has formed an expert team of budding entrepreneurs and experienced investors to create a comprehensive blockchain tapered platform.

Because cryptocurrency is intended for the mind adoption of ALCEDO, our platform is that buyers who stop buying UN Agents will get the most from their investments. we will produce an easy-to-use system that combines ancient markets and blockchain-based assets.

Our team unit area members specialize in money mercantilism and the cryptocurrency market, which has years of expertise operating with world brokers. Understanding the market from the purpose of reading customers, also because the expertise gained from the quality management of monetary and bank companies, urges America to return to the blockchain field.

Development of ALCEDO, the platform is one of the bravest we have come. The creation of the platform began in 2018. From the start and until the launch of our platform, several technological issues were studied and solved, which enabled America to perfect our system and make a perfect idea for future crypto exchanges.

This shows the number of associations exponentially increasing the utility base and trust in cryptocurrency as a very important and medium trade store. Its growth is something that is inspired by the help of actual international use samples for transparency and unchanging LED blockchain technology, and its blessings and faster peer-to-peer transactions and reduce ownership value.

ALCEDO makes cryptocurrency accessible to everyone!
We measure a square that leads to crypto reception widely.




At each ALCEDO-Point, someone can buy, sell, and exchange currencies (BTC, ALCE, EUR, etc.) with the help of professional consultants


ALCEDO-Coin (ALCE) is an important part of our ecosystem, because it is a way to handle our service fees and award programs.


Buy, sell, exchange, and send electronically to and from any crypto currency account.

Investment Plan

We are expanding our traditional business from the Gold Savings Package to the Crypto Investment Package.


This allows customers to quickly and easily buy or sell crypto currencies in our ALCEDO cash and POS-Terminal cash machines.

Crypto Machine

We support famous Crypto-ATMs and build networks in Germany.

ALCEDO creates an association title scheme that applies blockchain technology into a way of life. It makes cryptocurrency accessible and used by everyone in the world.

We measure the extent that leads to wide acceptance of ALCEDOs and different cryptocurrency.

ALCEDO-Coin (Token)

ALCEDO-Coin is one of the most important components in the entire ALCEDO project and is designed as an ERC-20 Ethereum-based token at the beginning of the ICO. Of course, ALCEDO-Coins can also be used as a currency other than its use in ALCEDO-Ecosystem. We will launch ALCEDO-Coin in Q-4 2019.

This token will be moved on the development journey to a separate blockchain, with the same number of coins and existing ALCE ERC20 tokens exchanged at the level of 1: 1.

ALCEDO-Reward System
Our customers can benefit from reduced costs by using our ALCEDO-Ecosystem. To speed up distribution and thus the circulation of ALCEDO-Coins, the use of our platform through ALCEDO-Coins is more profitable. However, each customer is free to decide which crypto currency he wants to pay.

ALCEDO-Flat Special Spotlight
An important point for us is to give our customers a number of benefits by using ALCEDO-Platform and ALCEDO-Coins. Every user who has 10,000 ALCE on the ALCEDO Platform (web application or smartphone) does not need to pay any transaction fees when using our services. However, depending on Coins (except ALCEDO-Coins), certain network costs remain, which we cannot return. This waiver applies to ALCEDO services (including all ALCEDO-ATMs).

ALCEDO-Token structure

Join our Token sales. We accept token payments.

Total ALCEDO-Token
100 000 000 ALCE
40 000 000 ALCE
first ERC20-Token
Bulk 01 Dec 2018
Payment method
BTC, ETH, PayPal

Stages of Sales Tokens


01 Dec - 31 Jan
Alcedo-Token 50% discount at 0.20 €


Feb 01 - Mar 31
25% discount on Alcedo-Token at 0.30 €


April 01 - May 31
0% Discount 1 Alcedo-Token at 0.40 €


Q2 2017
Concept was born to spread the use of cryptocurrency & marketing
Q3 2017 Q3 2018
Developing Concepts
Q4 2018
Open Acedo Point first with an ATM machine & starting ICO
Q1 2019
Publish new webs for wallets and smartphones
Q2 2019
Development of ALCEDO POS Terminal
Q3 2019
Prepare the Alcedo Token to be listed on the exchange
Q4 2019
Open several Alcedo Points and Alcedo Cash manchines franchises

Thus information about ALCEDO, hopefully useful and can be used as reference material by you in joining ALCEDO.



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