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Traxion | ICO Review

With the advent of the blockade and crypto currency, we have discovered new facets and opportunities for ourselves. And you get used to everything good and you want this good to become a part of our life. The TraXion platform is one that wants to translate this desire into reality. That is to extend the use of crypto currency for everyday life, leave all the difficulties behind and make this use as simple and convenient as possible. The idea is excellent, let's see how it will be implemented. So, more about the platform.

About the TraXion platform
Platform Features
ICO Details

About the TraXion platform
TraXion is a project that seeks to take a leading position in the field of cryptoeconomics, creating a solution on the blockbuster. This solution should be the best crypto currency bank that allows digital money owners to store, transfer, exchange, spend, lend, in general, to do all possible operations using a simple, convenient and safe application.

TraXion also intends to make proposals for companies, business institutions and organizations that will be able to take advantage of all the advantages of the block system within their financial platform. TraXion will be useful for all financial transactions, there will be a necessary set of tools for this. In general, TraXion will make payments, Peer to Peer lending, insurance, charity, transfers and investments will be available. A full-fledged financial ecosystem will be created.

Platform Features
Traxion was well prepared for the launch of ICO, by this time the platform has created some of the elements of the future infrastructure. All these platforms will work on the block chain TraxChain to provide increased security, efficiency, transparency and reduced cost. As part of the platform, it will be easier to manage insurance and investment processes, because all processes are controlled through smart contracts.

Traxion will pay special attention to scaling, eliminating intermediaries and decentralizing systems to build a full-fledged crypto-economy. To achieve these goals, a platform will be created that is backed by its own tokens. It will operate without borders all over the world and facilitate cross-border payments by combining users into an authorized and secure block-chain. Use this solution will be able to banks, agencies, operators and other financial institutions that work with monetary transactions without risks, commissions and counterparties.

Traxion is the solution of those problems that exist now in financial systems, with the help of innovative technologies. The platform will become a safe and easy way to use payment systems, reduce barriers for small companies and provide financial services to banks and financial institutions. The platform will work with the Master Card Service Provider and will jointly create a convenient wallet for storing and transferring funds in any part of the world. Plus this wallet is that you can transfer local money and not think about how to convert them. And also all transactions are protected and for the transfer of funds, as a rule, you do not need to pay commission fees.

TraXion has an experienced team with 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries: from entrepreneurship and business development to information technology and decentralized networks. Among the partners of the platform are IBM, Gava, SeaCoop, Teravibe and others. In general, we see that the offer of the platform is relevant to the requirements of the modern world and, most likely, will be in demand. Already at this stage the platform attracted a lot of attention from investors. We see a clear vision, implementation options that will bring a financial solution to users around the world, greatly facilitating everyday life.

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