TradeLize project overview

Good afternoon, today on the agenda is a project codenamed Tradelize.

What is this project?
Tradelize represents its own ecosystem, which in the future will be able to solve one of the main problems of all investors, and this is the creation of an expanded selection of all the different tools necessary for the most accurate and detailed review of all the subtleties and nuances hidden in the crypto-currency world.

Principle of Tradelize Cryptocurrency Trading
The developers claim that their ecosystem will be a real salvation for all investors, and will be much more convenient and more accessible in understanding than many of its competitors. An interface that is more accessible in the understanding is created in order to simplify the life for all users, whether it's an experienced investor or an ordinary cryptorholder.

The web environment is created with the goal of creating or improving various methods, which will allow traders and investors to get the maximum positive result. Tradelize will become a convenient and fairly easy-to-use application that will open the doors for ordinary people to the world of crypto trading and will allow even an inexperienced person to quickly become a successful trader. For many - this can be a great impetus for a quick and that it is important to simple earnings. Where else if not here you can so quickly make money literally from scratch?

Tradelize Terminal

Earlier we already mentioned our own Terminal of the Tradelize project, what is it like? The terminal is inherently a standalone software solution that opens quick access to the crypto currency market. Fast, convenient and reliable - such a characteristic can be given to him. The terminal creates an accessible environment for trading crypto-currencies and has a very convenient and simple interface, which everyone can understand. Another important plus of the terminal is that it was developed by experienced traders who really understand what they need and so are they. So you will not find there a huge mountain of unnecessary icons and buttons, crammed in there just like that.

Well, where are we without our favorite instruments? Basic and most popular standard tools were also put into the program, such as risk management and interface, by the way, each user can easily and quickly adjust to their own needs in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Also, the user will be able to connect and various of his wallets.

TDZ - Token ICO
Token Tradelize received the short name TDZ and was developed as the first method for generating revenue. TDZ tokens will have a lot of different uses. One of the ways will be a comprehensive sub-system of the entire platform, to maintain its operational capacity. If you are interested, you can look through the white book of the project, everything is described in the smallest detail. Having opened the site, you can immediately see the roadmap of the project, it will open your eyes to several basic questions, the company's goal, when the sale of tokens begins, how long it takes to reach each stage, etc.

It's no use talking now to the whole team, it will be too long and for many to be dreary, so this time we will describe only the first person of the project - Anton Zapolsky. He is considered the first founder and part-time general director, if you are interested in his personality, you can look at his page in LinkedIn. As we said earlier, the project was created by the same traders for which it was created, so Anton Zapolsky was a successful trader and investor for more than 10 years and clearly understands what people need and what is the key to a successful business. Zapolsky also co-founded one successful company - Chummy. Under his leadership, more than 14 people work and everyone is ready to give everything for the sake of realizing this project.

On the website of the project, you can find other interesting information about Tradelize. There is also a separate page with a brief profile of each team member. In my opinion, Tradelize causes only positive emotions and causes trust for investors.

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