The Endo project.

Good day to all!!! Today I would like to talk about a very promising project ICO ENDO. When checking any data, a process occurs in which the data is checked for inconsistency and accuracy after data transfer. This check helps determine the accuracy of information transfer to another location, as well as how accurately the data in the new system is accurately maintained. During the scan, you may need to run two systems at once, this can help identify areas of inconsistency with the first source and prevent the loss of false data. Types of data validation are multiple data entry and correction. Data for data processing includes data validation functions entered in the source documents, this of course takes a lot of time and costs. But to help in solving this problem, a new ENDO project is coming. ENDO is a protocol that solves the problem of tracking certified information and creates encrypted data storage. Ecosystem Endo allows organizations and users to participate in the exchange of information and services through Endo Token. All these system applications have one goal: to create a secure and certified environment for all important data that participants use. All personal, corporate and public information about education, identity cards, medical records and much more can be controlled through the Endo platform. Problems associated with information flows:

  • people can fraudulently get by using other people's information the benefits;
  • loss of memory
  • the storage of official information is expensive. The human factor can still damage the integrity of information and securities;
  • centralized validation - monopoly agencies for the control of valuable information: editing, removal and storage;
  • counterfeit systems
  • a problem that is little obvious. But we still live in peace with systems that can deceive. And it is almost impossible to prove, because deception is inherent in the system itself.

Visual diagram of the Endo platform: (consists of 5 layers)
1 layer: The central layer is the core of the ecosystem that is responsible for the logic.

2 layer: The surface layer of the core is the totality of all applications developed on this platform.

3 layer: The API layer is the very element of connecting the entire project ecosystem to the outside world.

4 layer: The penultimate layer, which acts as a language, on which all systems and users can communicate.

5 layer: Closing layer - this layer is a repository that can be represented either by any means in the form of digital storage, such as corporate global servers, and conventional flash drives.

I also can not share with you the composition of the creators of this project. These people are professionals in their field. They are young and energetic, ready to change the world for the better. I'm sure with this team this project will be able to climb the most top-rated projects on Olympus. The team includes people who are able to implement global industry projects based on Blockchain, such as HOQU, MARK SPACE and REVAIN.

This project is fundamentally unique, and I think that it will be successful in the market, and will also show itself only from the best side. I will definitely support this project and will closely monitor the implementation of the road map. Right now it's time to invest in this project. After reading this blog, you probably will have questions. Be sure to ask them in the official Endo sources:

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