INTRO Project Overview

The INTRO project initially met with only positive reviews, as it helps to make real estate transactions all over the world with a 30% discount. And buyers can be any users. The goal of the eco-project is the unification of all world construction companies, the study of the beginning of construction, assistance in negotiations with developers, their connection with customers.

Now real estate is one of the most profitable industries, designed for a long time. Users can study the structure of the international market, compare prices, visit closed tenders, buy a stake or real estate already built outside the country. Investors do not risk their money, thanks to the integration of the platform with blocking technology, which protects all transactions that ensure their openness.

Advantages of the project
Through the Intro, you can buy real estate at 30% cheaper. The managers of the company directly agree on the terms with the developers from different countries. Thanks to the new platform, they find customers who are ready to acquire real estate anywhere in the world at once.

In addition, the project offers excellent conditions for depositors. Real estate is a very promising and profitable industry, therefore each investor will show interest in the terms of the projects.

There is another important point - the alleged client risks. Intro as much as possible reduces them. For example, there is such: the investor makes his own money, and the construction is suspended or not started at all, and the depositor is deceived. But using the blockbuster, you do not have to worry about your payments, because transparency and decency are secured on both sides. In addition, the commission here is minimal, there are no additional hidden fees, special transactions are free.

Through the Intro you can make a contribution to real estate from any state. Even on travel and business trips, the investor will be able to view all the facilities and offers of the platform. This provides consumers with comfort. Developers will quickly find people interested in real estate, because the project covers the entire globe. Working with real estate is fraught with many difficulties, so this issue will never lose relevance.

Highlights of ICO

The beginning of pre-sales was on March 26, 2018. The project token, called INTRO, is displayed as ITR. In total, the company exhibited 200 million ITR. The currency itself costs about $ 0.40. Hardcap - $ 15 million SoftKap - $ 3 million You can pay by crypto currency, EUR, USD. The ITR token is distributed through smart contracts, each customer is assigned a personal address.

Roadmap expects to complete the creation of COINvest and REstate in the third quarter of 2018. After that, ready-made applications can be used.

The offer always has a weight for depositors, because everyone wants to know that his investment is protected, and deception is not possible. Indeed, because of risks, modern investors are afraid to make decent contributions for the construction of facilities and the successful development of the platform. Clients can objectively assess the state of Russian real estate, including for the future.

Whatever happens in the world, on Intro is a serious responsibility. The team moves to the ICO, this is a separate very important decision that will help its further development.

Project Leaders
Let's list the main figures of the project:

  1. Badikov Cyril - the main developer, the head of "Gosstroy." Has invaluable management experience. In 2015 he became the manager of the residential mortgage agency.
  2. Denis Vechkanov - general director of the Intro. Has skills in the area of business valuation, online sales, retail sales, as well as production. He is the executive director of the Matrix since 2015.
  3. Obolensky Oleg - technical director of the platform, who has worked in the field of IT technology for more than 15 years. He was the main developer of programs in the companies "Rambler" and "Yandex".

What is the intro project? This is an in-depth version of the INTRO ANALYTICA application, which has existed since 2017. The team plans to create a reliable and open ecosystem for everyone who wants to participate in housing development. Modules and user-friendly project interface helps clients to evaluate the features of the real estate market. And the role of intermediaries in the field of development is reduced to a minimum.

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Additional information about the project:

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