From the very beginning, INTRO has proven itself on the good side, as it offers to purchase real estate on its platform all over the world with savings of up to 30%. Who can buy this property? All interested persons. This is a sort of eco-project that aims to unite all organizations and construction companies around the world, to analyze the beginning of construction, negotiating with developers, providing clients to developers, etc.

Today, the topic of real estate is one of the most profitable niches, if it is considered in the long term. You, in turn, can look at the analysis of the entire world market, compare prices, participate in closed tenders, and, of course, acquire shares or real estate objects that have already been built or are still being built in other countries. You can be completely sure that you will not lose your money, because the platform is integrated with blocking technology, which protects all payments, and also ensures their transparency.

Project advantages
Intro allows you to purchase real estate at a discount of up to 30%. The management of the company negotiates with developers all over the world and conducts all negotiations with them. For developers, the company offers to receive customers immediately, ready to purchase this or that property in a certain country.

In addition, the platform has excellent offers for investors. Since the direction of real estate is a very promising issue and quite profitable, each investor in this project will be very interested in the conditions.

Another nuance that is worth mentioning is the possible risks. The project minimizes the risks that a client can receive. For example, he invests money, and construction is either frozen, or the developers deceived him and did not build it. Thanks to the technology of blocking, you can not worry about all your payments, as everything will be transparent and honest on both sides. Also, there are minimal commissions, no hidden additional fees, cancellation of commissions for special transactions.

The Intro project offers the opportunity to invest in real estate from any country. If you go on vacation or on a business trip, you will still have access to the platform on which all the objects and proposals are collected. It is very convenient for all buyers. Developers will get customers quickly, because this is already an offer not for one country, but for the whole world. In the world there are a lot of problems with real estate, so this issue is always topical.

ICO Terms and Conditions
Pre-sales started on March 26, 2018. The token of the company is called INTRO and it is displayed as ITR. In total, the company issued 200 million ITR. The cost of the token itself is equal to 0.4 USD. You can pay as well as with the Crypto currency and USD or EUR.

The offer is always relevant for investors. The more excellent option, when you know that your investment is protected and not lost, no one will deceive you. These risks now very much prevent investors from investing normal amounts of money, so that the facilities are built and the platform naturally develops. You can see what the situation is with real estate in Russia, how many there are risks.

To prevent this from happening in the world, the Intro project took on this responsibility by attaching the technology to the block so that it is clear that all payments will be protected and everything will be transparent to each user. And of course, the company is entering the ICO this is an additional serious step that the project team is making to continue its serious development in the near future.

Who can participate in the project?
The project may include developers, shareholders, investors, real estate agents and buyers. This is very convenient when on one platform all the subjects are gathered and people can agree among themselves. All analytics with information will be open and everyone will be offered discounts on real estate up to 30%. Whence such discounts? Closed tenders will be held at which such discounts will be created. This is very profitable for both developers and buyers.Conclusion
Having looked at the INTRO project, I want to thank the company's management that they are developing very rapidly, which gives a comfortable opportunity from anywhere in the world to order real estate and become an investor of real estate. In addition, I want to note that in this way the company creates an ecosystem in the direction of real estate, discarding hidden fees, additional taxes, commissions for transactions, hidden conditions. Using the technology of blocking, the company guarantees its honesty to all. Transparency of all relations with developers, with buyers as much as possible reduces the risks of losing their money, which we can very easily lose by investing in dubious projects.

Especially for investors this is a smart opportunity to invest their money and get in this direction a long-term income from real estate. All work in the system is very convenient and has a comfortable platform interface, access security, payments, opening and transparent conditions complement respect and rating of this project.

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