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PointPay - for Future Banks with Blockchain Technology

The use of blockchain technology to increase transaction speed began to be implemented by various digital platforms. Blockchain technology systems offer ecosystems with safe block storage. The continued use of digital technology has led to changes in payment methods and lifestyles. Likewise, the use of assets is now starting to switch to digital systems. To ease the transaction, then the bank must also use a computerized system that can be integrated digitally.

Currently, the use of blockchain technology is proven to be able to increase the security of exchange transactions digitally. That is supported by the use of smart contracts for transaction agreements. The agreement that was built will also help everyone to benefit from every interest that is carried out. That will help shorten transaction time by utilizing the role of technology.

Most platforms today have switched to using third parties to settle payments for transactions carried out. That makes conventional banking obsolete and switches to digital assets. For this reason, banks must also be able to implement blockchain-based technology to be able to integrate with ecosystems to create a secure ecosystem. The use of blockchain technology can also reduce transaction costs.

Point pay is present as blockchain-based banking to facilitate your daily transactions on a digital platform. You can get several service products such as bank crypto, crypto exchange, and crypto wallet. Every service available will help you get the best experience in utilizing the blockchain technology banking platform. Currently, the use of the platform can provide various benefits for you, especially in the security sector.

The secure exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies is also a significant point in developing Point Pay. It is undeniable in everyday life. You certainly still need a transaction with fiat money. Point Pay can be quickly done with functional integration and compatibility so that exchanges between fiat and cryptocurrencies can be done promptly. This convenience is also a form of concern for developers to facilitate each transaction carried out.

PointPay Crypto Bank

With PointPay Crypto Bank you can manage, save and grow your capital, building a unique all-in-one solution for the global market. PointPay Crypto Bank will provide the use case by following Cryptocredit and cryptodebit cards, Cryptocurrency deposits and savings accounts, Cryptobanking, Cryptocurrency mortgage, Cryptocurrency transactions and transfers worldwide, etc.

Please visit demo version about PointPay Crypto Bank platform here:

PointPay Crypto Exchange platform

You can buy, sell and trade in this platform. The interface is comfortable, make the trading easy whether you are a beginner or pro. Why PointPay Crypto Exchange platform?

Fiat pay-ins and pay-outs
Tokenized assets trading
Daily crypto back to PXP holders
Four level referral system and referral exchange
Leveraged trading (1:10)
24/7 support

Please visit demo version about PointPay Crypto Exchange platform here:

PointPay Multicurrency Wallet

you cand send, receive, withdraw your funds in this wallet. Pointpay will be support any coin/token, FIAT currency such as USD, Euro, Yuans, etc. Also you can exchange your funds by following fiat-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency-fiat.

Please visit demo version about PointPay Multicurrency Wallet here:

BENEFIT FOR : Investor

Because the demand for PointPay tokens is very high, many investors have high enthusiasm to have this token. Therefore, because of high demand, it caused the investors to be the first to get this token, the tokensale took place. Wouww ,, this is a great achievement that PointPay has achieved in attracting and building trust from investors. Because we all know that PointPay is a payment system that is related to banking, payment of cryptobusiness licenses, and can also be used as another payment tool. Therefore with the importance of the system used in this PointPay (PXP) token, so that it attracts investors from having this token as an important requirement in our daily lives.

And specifically for investors, because investors who have high volume purchasing power will be provided a tiered bonus, and will get a bonus of up to 5% of the total expenditure of your PointPay tokens. So the greater the number of purchases, the greater the amount to be received later.

PointPay Crypto Bank,

By providing cash payments throughout the world continues to decline, and demand for money other than cash continues to increase, it is replaced by electronic money. Therefore, because of all these technological advances, the people of Suda began to switch to this electronic environment, as a tool to meet people's needs regarding payments related to payment. And there are around 20% of payments made in cash, and in Sweden, less than 10%. And from the percentage explanation above, it is clear that the interest in digital money is very high compared to transactions using paper money. And along with high technological advances, interest in digital money will continue to increase among the public.

PointPay Crypto Exchange platform,

With the high demand from investors for PXP tokens, the PointPay Crypto Exchange platform provides an opportunity for investors to participate in the IEO organized by the PointPay project. And will provide more commissions to investors towards PXP token holders. And the purpose of all that is to give interest to new traders to participate and buy PXP tokens, on the IEO event that is being held by this Crypto Exchange PointPay Platform. And of course this is an advantageous situation obtained by Platform owners and traders. Therefore, the PointPay Crypto Exchange platform will include project projects that already have good value and have standards and have a good definition in general.

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