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Innovative Cryptocurrency Exchange - BCNEX

BCNEX project is another outstanding project which gives traders all the required trading features to complete a trade in which the crypto-traders and lovers globally will no longer experienced any depression as a result of irregularities from the other crypto-currency exchange. BCNEX aims to give users and traders an improved trading platform free of error, glitches, manipulation and irregularities. The method introduced by BCNEX project is one of the unique and outstanding one in the area of crypto-currency exchange. The method employed by BCNEX will restore hope, transparency, speeds, advanced security in the whole crypto-currency exchange space simply because BCNEX project will bring greatness into crypto-currency trading. BCNEX also promises traders and users of the platform with high profitability and productivity in the asset trading. Introduction of BCNEX exchange will bring an end to the issue and challenges facing the crypto-community

BCNEX is a crypto-currency exchange that allows traders to trade at low trading and withdrawal fees. This is a great feature implemented by BCNEX crypto-exchange in which only few or no exchange have this great feature. Having an exchange with low trading fees is one of the great things in the crypto-trading. Traders will be very happy to see BCNEX exchange fully launched because almost all the traders would want to enjoy this trading feature as a result of what most of the traders have suffered at the hands of other crypto-currency exchange.

It is observed that crypto-traders always find it difficult to exchange their assets which this issue happened as a result of restriction from the exchange platform. This is one of the reasons why BCNEX platform has introduced crypto-trading platform which will makes trading and transaction easier for traders without the need for third-party services before their crypto assets can be converted to another currency

BCNEX platform is designed to give new users and novice a smooth trading experience through the implementation of good user interface which has been lacking in other crypto-currency exchange platform. The platform is designed with series of guidelines, suggestions for novice.

The use of blockchain technology by BCNEX exchange platform will make it easy to develop a crypto-currency exchange free of manipulation from trading bots, free of high transaction fees, free of hacks and attacks as a result of improved security measures put in place. BCNEX will solve all scalability issue as traders often experienced in the other crypto-currency exchange.

The advantages of BCNEX :

  • BCOMS compliance system: an extremely important component for the task of combining purchase and sales orders, BCOMS is extremely carefully designed by BCNEX to ensure high performance, stability and integrity. Absolute data integrity in transactions. BCOMS has a very low latency and speeds of up to 2 million transactions per second, which is the highest rate to date.
  • Highly stable dispersion system: BCNEX is designed and built on a distributed model to provide simple scalability by adding physical servers. Thanks to this, BCNEX always maintains stability and also provides continuous service time. In addition, BCNEX uses a microservices model, with this model the system is divided into small services with separate databases, so BCNEX can be easily extended if necessary without affecting the entire system.
  • Security and protection: this is the first criterion that BACnet cares about, the platform will be built with multiple levels of security such as firewalls, DDOS attacks, warning users of abnormal behavior, 2FA code and anti-phishing code.
  • Optimal asset storage solution: BCNEX also creates a solution for optimal and secure asset storage for people by combining a cold wallet with a hot wallet and security equipment with the same mechanism. banks in developed countries. 98% of the assets will be stored in cold wallets, separated from the Internet, and the rest - in hot wallets to ensure the liquidity of the platform.

Bcnex Benefits

Experienced team

Today, most exchanges are created by professional programmers who do not understand anything about the financial aspects and the trade itself. They launch their exchange on the simplest principles, without thinking about its further development. Because of this, exchanges can function well only at the initial stage of its formation, and as soon as the volume and number of users increase, the system can not withstand the load. An ideal exchange should be created completely from scratch, not on ready-made templates, this way is more complicated, but such an exchange will not face problems in the future and will achieve stunning success in the future. Bcnex just belongs to this type of exchanges, the developers of the project have a huge experience, which will undoubtedly lead to a stunning success in the future. 

Maximum safety

A lot of exchanges were forced to cease to exist after hacker attacks. Even if the exchange was able to recover, its credibility will be lost forever. This is faced by even the top exchanges, hackers are constantly improving their skills and steal millions of dollars. On Bcnex, hackers have nothing to do, because the developers have tried and done everything according to the highest security standards, in addition, the entire ecosystem is periodically checked by the best engineers to identify the vulnerability. Team Bcnex perfectly aware about all types of threats, they are a step ahead of the world's most experienced hacker. 

High level of support

Most exchanges simply ignore the questions of their customers who are faced with any problems. Many people even on the most famous trading platforms for weeks or even months waiting for a response from the support service, whose accounts have been frozen to clarify the circumstances. This should not be allowed, so Bcnex will have around the clock customer support, in the shortest time crucial any problems their users.Despite the fact that the exchange is still young, bcnex trading volumes have already exceeded $ 11.000.000. The exchange is constantly being upgraded and supplemented with new functionality, not so long ago there were applications on iOS and Android. The project carries out its STO, which can take anyone. To increase the number of users, the bounty company, Airdrop and a contest for traders with large prize funds were also launched.

Bcnex is a project created for people and using the most modern technologies, thanks to which the world will get one of the most reliable and perfect trading platforms, which could create optimal conditions for safe and easy investment in digital currencies. This project contributes to the growth of the degree of trust in the cryptocurrency as a whole, erasing the framework between the world of blockchain and traditional financial assets. Bcnex developers are implementing a truly large-scale ecosystem, which in a couple of years will know everything in every corner of the world. You can become a part of this ambitious project and make your contribution to the development of the exchange of the future

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