Function X - A Decentralized Network with an improved blockchain model

Project and features

The concept of what will be discussed today is a kind of public network within which a transparent blockchain Protocol will be built to provide a secure environment for a decentralized solution. This ecosystem will be called FUNCTION X or abbreviated F (X). It is important to note that FUNCTION X is a multi-level system that includes 5 different elements. Each of these elements is aimed at solving specific problems and provides us with a unique opportunity to exploit the best qualities of blockchain technology. Thereby forming a completely new blockchain space services, DApps apps, web sites, cell phones, and many other things.

In addition, the main goal of FUNCTION X is to create your own smart devices, as well as IoT sensors, the use of which will increase the usefulness of the entire decentralized community. Moreover, special attention should be developed on the basis OF function X mobile phone, called XPhone. The key features of this model are built-in protection and data transfer functions, whether cellular or Internet connection. To equip this operational network will be modified F (X) OC, specially designed for Android system. The use of this operating system was not chosen by chance. To do this, the founders had their own reasons, some of which help to reveal their philosophy of the project, as well as to support all this with an active audience of more than 2 billion users.

This DApp has smart devices that exist in form of nodes with unique addresses for every user. They are also having different keys and names that differs from others. So this devices are perfectly connected and identified by the node names they are given. The construction of the OS of the DApp is an Android 9.0 version which definitely works for all android applications. It also supports other service like Google and some other services that could be achieved through an Android device. It will sustain the decentralised operation and power other features like switching to the cryptocurency mode when the users need to perform any crypto services.

The Xphone allows the safe transmission of data through the complex exchange that provides necessary encryption. This prevents the function of the centralised intermediaries even when the users need to communicate with each other.

This DApp guarantees the protection of users confidential communication through its ability to encrypt records. When users communicate, the details of the info is secured on the functionX chain while the users have the control over the data shared in the platform. This means that a perfect decentralised means of communication is established between users in this ecosystem.

Creating the Xphone from this innovation explains how much relevance the pundi x is important. It will be further applied for use as payment medium between for goods and services exchanged by users. This Innovation will make the digital ledger more popular for many people to adopt it without being confined to their growth stage. This will go a long way as functionX serves the intended goals of the team.


  • this is very well of model product guys on there use a great of system , and based on the snapdragon and then use a good prototype system so that make comfortable for all user for use and design is very well 


  • next will updating after the Function X ready , and then XPOS make as well for operating the ecosystem and then decentralized networking for handling every node by node , and then with XPOS make as well handling the transaction fee


  • After Xphone and XPOS hasbeen combination so that in future will be make as well for the services , and then add Function X nodes so that will make more better for services on distribution network  and performance.


Since FUNCTION X is a decentralized structure, in order to carry out all actions within the system, the founders intend to use their own token – F (X). The usefulness of which will be equally expressed for both service providers and their consumers. Moreover, by using F (X) we can make all kinds of purchases available in the DApps application and pay the Blockchain calls and many other things. As for the technical side of the issue, there is a multi-level system of transformation of markers, which is better to study directly on the technical materials of the project.


This tech advancement was drawn out of the need to create a crypto usage that goes beyond finance. Thus creating a better medium for point of sale network and in general improving our everyday lives and a better blockchain-oriented network. 

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