BILLCRYPT - Global Universal Plaform Blockchain Representative Offices

BILLCRYPT pl is a global decentralized integration system for Blockchain-Representative offices

(BR). A single multifunctional infrastructure uniting Blockchain Representative offices in the form of

decentralized applications on the blockchain (DApp). A unique platform that combines all the advantages of the real world and the virtual space, the familiar Internet and blockchain. This is the next step in development - a virtual space with real possibilities. A convenient platform environment with a comfortable interface will allow everyone to most effectively develop their businesses integrated into the system through their own Blockchain

We are creating a universal investment interblockchain infrastructure of technological and economic properties, combining blockchain projects and projects of the real sector.

Solves the problem of integrating existing and new businesses in blockchain space & creates a system of mutual trust.

We are introducing new concepts into the blockchain sphere.

  • BR : Blockchain Representation
  • VIP :  Virtual image Part 
  • IVO :  Initial ViP Offering 

Global Multifunctional Decentralized Platform BILLCRYPT pl — this is an Integration System Blockchain Representative offices of companies, professional communities, specialists and products in

the form of DApp (decentralized applications on the blockchain) with a friendly and comfortable interface. The next step in the development of new generation Internet technology Web 3.0

United comfortable environment will allow partners to most effectively develop their businesses included in the system and economically promote each other, reaping multiple benefits from this due to the synergy effect.

For investors, this will be the most understandable and illustrative structure that allows using the ViP to quickly and reliably assess the businesses represented, and make profitable investment decisions.

For the effective functioning of the entire potential of the platform and the investment ecosystem, a universal digital asset of a new generation has been created - the Evolutionary Token BILLCRYPT

ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. Exchange symbol BILC

Brand new, modern, high-tech and highly profitable way to invest. 

BILLCRYPT ITO (Initial Token Offering)

Participants ITO BILLCRYPT really create history, promote the realization of the innovation concept and development of newest technologies.

The funds raised from the sale of BILC Tokens, through ITO, will be used to finance the creation and development of the BILLCRYPT ecosystem over the next 5 years.


At the initial stage of pre-sales as of the writing date of this version of White Paper, early investors converted to BILLCRYPT 7 775 981 USD

TOKEN SALE July 03 – Sept. 30, 2019, or when reach Hard cap

  • Price ITO - 1 BILC = 1 USD = 0.005 ETH
  • Soft cup = 10 000 000 USD = 50 000 ETH
  • Hard cup = 80 000 000 USD = 400 000 ETH
  • 44% of the issue = 66,880,000 BILC will be available for sale on ITO


Our project is actively developing, respectively, this version of Whitepaper may be considered unfinished. It will be made improvements and additions. Updated versions will be posted on the project site in a timely manner.

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