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AhrvoDEEX - The Future of Brokerage Transactions

AhrvoDEEX is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform for buying and sales of shares of companies using the technology of artificial intelligence that helps users make profitable decisions when investing according to their set goals. Comparing the speed of transactions with such well-known cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum, DEEX significantly prevails and is from 3 to 5 seconds.

Ahrvo is a financial company and started its activities in 2017, has a patented technology that provides ranking of more than 8000 shares. The platform allows you to create communities, attract other players to discuss various trading strategies. AhrvoDEEX also rewards cryptocurrency users for financial transactions on the exchange.

AhrvoDEEX is also a useful information portal with changes and price quotes coming about upcoming events that may lead to stock price. Currently, the mobile application is available for two operating systems: Android and iOS .

What makes AhrovDEEX more unique than the existing platform?

Save time. With the ahrovdeex you don’t need to spend your precious trying to understand financial report. More than 8000shares are made easy to understand through the ahrovdeex platform.

The ahrovdeex platform provide the needed knowledge require to navigate the stock market successfully, hence you and get financial advisors on the platform.

Effortlessness and proficiency is what ahrovdeex offer her users. AhrvoDEEX presents a daily rating of stocks and quotes and offers real time trading signals based on the optimal combination of cost, momentum, quality and growth factor.

Smart innovative approach. The company’s software uses artificial intelligence based methods and analytics of intelligent machine learning. This approach is able to offer the best stock to buy.


Ahrvo’s Platform Current Features

$0 Commission Trading -Powered by Tradier, Ahrvo offer the lowest cost equities trading platform for frequent traders in the US, according to Barron’s Magazine’s 2017 ranking of the best online brokers.
Personal Stock Analyst– Ahrvo curates a list of top stock ideas for users on a daily, providing a source of objective investment recommendations.
Buy and Sell Signals– Trading signals enable users to make timely buy and sell decisions based on a combination of momentum indicators.
5000+ Stock Scores– Discover stock market winners and avoid the losers with little effort. It’s simple, stocks with high AhrvoScores outperform stocks with low AhrvoScores.
2000+ ETF Scores and Profiles– ETF scores, fund statistics, geographic, sector, and industry breakdowns give you a complete understanding of nearly every ETFs on the market.
Ranked Investment Themes – Quickly identify top industries with proprietary industry/theme scores. Sort and filter stocks within an industry/theme by different factors to find stocks that meet your criteria.
Wall Street Data– Earnings calendar, consensus stock ratings, and price targets, etc. are updated daily and allow you to keep a pulse on analyst opinions.
Social Trading Community – Ahrvo’s patent-protected software integrates both quantitative and social investing. Users can engage with other participants to discuss stocks and trading strategies.
Fantasy Investing League – Win cash prizes at the end of every month by finishing among the top finisher in the Ahrvo Fantasy investing league (AFIL) investing competition. Participants can also create public or private investing leagues to compete against family and friends
Real-time Prices and Alerts – Set stock triggers using our factors and traditional technical indicators. Receive real-time notifications when parameters are breached, using simple IF THIS THEN THAT logic.

AhrvoDEEX Platform Features:

  • Transparent custodial services
  • Automated portfolio construction and management
  • Real-time execution and settlement
  • Onchain order matching and settlement
  • Real-time accounting system to reconcile accounts
  • Neural network driven equity scores and price targets
  • Easier brokerage access to U.S. markets for foreign investors
  • Cryptocurrency rewards (Ahrvo coin) for users that trade (create liquidity) on AhrvoDEEX
  • Transparency and security as data is stored on an immutable ledger
  • White-label, API, and SDK solutions


Despite all the stages of development, many in the world still use the old-style exchanges, which are clearly not very effective and unreliable. All because they are centralized, which means that all data and reports are stored on a single (single) server, the hacking of which can result in the loss of a huge amount of information. At the same time, the loss of these data is not restored, which will naturally have a negative impact on all market participants. Moreover, traditional exchanges have long noticed a downward trend in the registration of new small and medium-sized brokers in their systems. Since the rules for their participation in the market have tightened, and profits have not increased. That naturally potentially pushes all new participants to take any part in traditional brokerage business.

An alternative option for their activities is a new blockchain and FinTech technology, the advantages of which are largely higher than those of traditional exchange and brokerage directions. This is indicated by the gradually growing dynamics of growth of participants and various surveyed companies, which are increasingly using this type of calculation for international payments and remittances. Thus, we can safely say that these technologies are the future.

Token Details

  • Token: Ahrvo
  • Symbol: RVO
  • Type: Utility
  • Pre ICO Price: $ 0.2
  • Price: $ 0.25
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Receive: ETH, LTC, BTC
  • Minimum investment: $ 50Soft cap: $ 10,000,000
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000

ICO Token Details

  • Tokens Offered: 200 Million Coins
  • Soft Cap: $10 Million
  • Hard Cap: $50 Million
  • Release Date: 1 year after ICO ends
  • Private Sale: May 1st – June 15th. (20-25% discount)
  • Pre-sale: June 15th- June 30th. (15-20% discount)
  • Public Sale #1: July 1st- July 31st. (5-10% discount)
  • Public Sale #2: August 1st- August 31st (0-5% discount)


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