How Can I Get A List Of All My Rewards?

I am having trouble keeping track of my rewards , is there a website or a way to keep track of it, like , I used to be able to keep track of it on, but it does not work anymore, it works for Steem but not Golos. I was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere else like it, or can show me how and where to write the code to pull the info I want.

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@halo I would also like an easier way to track my earnings on golos , it really is a pain in the butt , steemdb is great but quit working for golos like 10 months ago. Hope someone can help with this.

15.10.2018 12:28

@spinbunny I know I need this info for tax reasons and now have no way of getting it. :(

15.10.2018 12:30

@halo ,this problem perhaps have all,I have, too, there is no information:(

15.10.2018 14:14

@unik09 yes hope someone can fix this :)

16.10.2018 00:02

@halo есть сайт - но он сейчас тоже пока не работает
Настройте ещё себе

15.10.2018 18:20

@slon21veka Thank You I will watch to see if it starts working :)

16.10.2018 00:03