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 Hello friends! Today I will tell you about the amazing project called Crypto Credit Card! This project is a multi-functional platform based on the Etherium block with its own crypto exchange, which will allow each participant to store money in a multi-currency online purse, trade in crypto and traditional assets, invest or borrow in a user-friendly currency around the world.


 At the moment, the traditional financial problem has a number of problems, such as: large interest rates on loans, long service, low interest on deposits and many other problems. For your convenience, I will attach all the problems in one picture: Each bank has its own forms of documents, its terms of lending and deposit, its services and choosing the necessary combination of required financial services is not so easy. Our solution is offered to us by a domestic start-up C3. The purpose of Crypto Credit Card is to create a convenient investment and credit tool that would be available to everyone. The project team wants to solve the issue of financial freedom for each participant of financial relations, aspires to create a single place, using which the user will receive profit and profit. The ICO started on December 4, 2017 and will end on May 31, 2018. But what is this startup? 

The C3 platform has a modular structure that allows each user to install their own application components, as well as linking crypto-currency wallets. A multi-currency C3 wallet will have access to many accounts in various banks, as well as to crypto-currency purses and investment tools. Also, users will have the opportunity to make money transfers without commission. Another advantage of the C3 card is the ability to withdraw crypto-currency funds in Fiat. What is especially important for miners, traders and freelancers. Conversion of Crypto-currency into Finnish currencies and vice versa: Now users without access to complex and numerous banking procedures will be able to access local currency. They do not need to pay hundreds of dollars as a commission for exchange or as payment for service. 

The platform will become a large-scale system that will ensure converting and transferring money around the world with a minimum interest. Payment facilities can be used in almost 200 countries, more than 36 million receiving points. Partnership agreements on issuing cards with large credit card companies have been formed. Create a multi-currency wallet that will be attached to a plastic card and can be used around the world. Possibility to receive cashback, when buying goods and services using Crypto Credit Card in various retail chains, hypermarkets, cafes, restaurants with which a cooperation agreement will be concluded. Cashback will be up to 30 percent of the amount spent. Asset management takes place through a single center: with applications developed for Windows Phone, iOS, Android, users enter online banking and get instant access to assets. The center, which manages finances, is understandable on an intuitive level, operates on a modern platform, is distinguished by its original design. To invest, exchange, charge, transfer easily and comfortably. Favorable conditions for loans. Using the technology of blocking, the user will be able to choose the loan appropriate to his requests. The project will monitor and collect the best proposals for consumer loans and micro credit markets. The user will be given the opportunity to pass through the repayment of interest and principal. It should also be mentioned that the platform is quite active in attracting partners and integrating the platform with other block projects, which will allow it to significantly strengthen its positions in the financial services market.

 Creation of an investment service — PAMM — an account that will allow investors to earn money by not selling independently, but by providing this function to the manager.Use of the CCCR token to perform all operations within the site, the demand for which will constantly grow due to the expansion of the client base. The maximum level of security was ensured: This was done thanks to the comprehensive studies of the crypto-currency market.

 All the incidents that took place on trading platforms were analyzed. As a result, the light was seen by an advanced security system that provides tracking of potential threats, eliminating compromising data, stealing funds. 

The platform will be appreciated by users, for whom safety and trust are paramount. The exchange of crypto-currency is unique: the project provides round-the-clock access to the crypto-currency market. Legal norms are observed without fail. The toolkit intended for financial analysis is effective. Now let’s analyze the mobile bank and its possibilities: mobile banking will allow the user to make purchases using the CRYPTO CREDIT CARD payment system both on the Internet and in existing payment terminals around the world (including Apple Pay and Android Pay). Opening an account on the site will be free of charge. The card issue will be $ 20, service for the first year will not be charged, then it will be $ 10 per year. The payment will be made in the “active account” currency, which means that the user decides which account to bind to the payment card for making transactions. With the help of mobile banking, you will be given the opportunity to transfer to other users. Translations will be free and instantaneous based on the availability of your own accounting system. Mobile banking will allow you to convert the currency with a minimum commission. The fee for converting crypto currency into fiat and back will be up to 2% of the transaction amount. 

Exchange and the principle of the PAMM account: CRYPTO CREDIT CARD will create its own crypto-exchange, thanks to which customers will be able to trade digital currencies. Exchange and the principle of PAMM-account: PAMM-account is an investment service that enables investors to earn money without trading on their own. Managing client funds, the manager receives additional income. The manager makes transactions on the account, using both his personal capital and the funds of his investors. Profits and losses on the account are divided between the manager and investors, based on their share in the account. If the manager receives a profit, the amount of funds on the PAMM-account increases, and the profit is distributed between the manager and investors on the basis of the amount of their initial investment. Investors pay the manager some of their profits in the form of compensation. The amount of compensation is determined by the initial offer of the investment manager and depends on the amount invested. As mentioned above, the project’s internal currency will be the CCCR token. The demand for it will grow for a number of reasons. And the owners of the tokens will have the following advantages: The ability to pay commission fees to the tokens of the CCCR. All users of the project will pay commission fees only tokens of CCCR. The increase in the number of participants in the platform will lead to an increase in the number of transactions and, accordingly, the total amount of commissions on them. Thus, the participants of the platform will need to buy CCRN tokens and pay them a platform commission. Consequently, an increase in the number of participants will lead to increased demand for tokens and an increase in their value. Possibility to pay CCCR tokens with banking services. Project services, such as mobile banking or crypto-brower services, can be paid by CCCR tokens. For token owners, the cost of the platform services will be fixed in a fiat currency. And despite the forecasts related to the growth of the CCCR token rate, the holder of the token, which purchased them during the ICO at a fixed cost, will be able to save, as the services for it will not increase. Within three months after completion of ICO, the team plans to add a token to all the most known exchanges.ICO Terms: To promote the project, an ICO is a marketing strategy that allows you to raise funds for the development and promotion of the platform, and help potential users understand the benefits and capabilities of the company’s product. The funds raised during the ICO phase will be used to obtain a license from the Swiss payment institution in accordance with the requirements and laws on payment institutions and electronic money. Now let’s talk about the token itself: It was created on the Echiumium platform, the ERC 20. 

The price of the token during the ICO:

 04.12 -31.03 tokens CCCR = $ 1

 01.04 -15.04 tokens CCCR = $ 1.25

 16.04 to 30.04 tokens CCCR = $ 1.5 

01.05 -14.05 tokens CCCR = $ 1.75

 15.05–31.05 token CCCR = $ 2

 The minimum number of tokens to purchase 10. The maximum number of tokens for acquisition is unlimited. 

Project team: There are about 40 specialists in the team. They have extensive experience in banking solutions, investments, and in the development of Blockchain and IT technologies. Members of the C3 team for many years successfully built relationships with international banks, established partnerships with regulatory bodies and dealt with market analysis, the development of trading systems and the expansion of a specialized user base. 

About some of the team: Sergey Salynin is the general director of the project, a successful entrepreneur, former vice president of the payment system business and top manager of several international companies; Boris Misik deals with legal issues of the project. Chairman of the public organization “Guild of Lawyers of Russia”, member of the expert council for consumer markets under the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the founder of IQdocs and EyeOnInnovation; Mikhail Sennikov is an expert in the financial community of the community. Top manager of a number of European investment companies. Head of the Commission on Block Technology Technologies of the Eurasian Council of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises; Tatyana Bulakh is a financial journalist, co-founder of the telegram channel “co-founder of the telegram channel “Crypto Brunettes”; Iraida Radchenko is a financial journalist, co-founder of the telegram channel “Crypto Brunettes”. 

You can read more about them at: Register at: and buy tokens, I hope I was able to convince you of an excellent idea of this  site, which will soon become an ideal platform for all traders, miners, Internet marketers, webmasters and freelancers. Official accounts: 


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