Real project - NOT HYIP or Scam, more than 3,000 investors in a real business

Motor wheel Duyunova, one of a kind design, without the use of any magnets and rare earth metals, with minimal energy consumption, while maximizing power output. This technology combines interrelated windings, one of which is realized as a star, and the second as a triangle. This technology was called - "Slavyanka".

This website was created specifically to support the Motor wheel project, as well as search and attract investors for the development of the project. 

Everyone can become an investor in the project of as PP today. And you don't have to be a millionaire. If your income allows you to invest at least 3,000 rubles a month, then in 10 months you will be the owner of a stake in 262,500, worth 265,000 $. 

The investments are going to create the first production and launch of dyunov battery, which later will bring the main profit to investors. 

Prospects for the development of the asynchronous motor are simply amazing. In our daily life, the use of asynchronous motors is constantly at home, in the car, transport, factories, elevators, etc.. The new technology will reduce energy costs by up to 40%, as well as increase the service life and reliability of the engines.

After the may holidays, equipment for cutting electrical steel, as well as laser and welding equipment will be delivered. Representatives of the supplier company recently visited production facilities to agree on ways of transporting cargo and planning jobs.It was reported that a major investor with whom negotiations have been conducted for a long time, 4-5 may receive documents for an investment Fund established in the territory of the Russian Federation.This investment Fund will invest in the establishment of a plant for the production of induction motors with combined windings in the SEZ, Chaplygina, in Lipetsk. Preliminary contracts with the investor have already been signed and the beginning of cooperation was planned for 2017, but was constantly postponed for one reason or another.The plant in Lipetsk will be engaged in mass production of General industrial engines. The documentary project of plant prepared for Alabushevo will be taken as a basis.More and more investors, partners, large companies who see how fast the project is developing, seek to join us!

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