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How to earn money - our each one would not have asked this question to ourselves once in our life.  Often, people are leaning towards difficult physical activity, or they are not so engaged in facts to them as much as they like.  Certainly, such people are not satisfied with life, but think that there is no other exit, only needing to plow

If you do not know suddenly, the success of the rich man's pledge consists not only from the distribution plan that meets the financial plan and the means, but also from the majority of passive income.  With such income, people can receive gold without making anything that is nothing.  And it is not quite a real way of fantasy and income.

So other questions that matches where to take such passive income.  Especially complicated is nothing nothing.  Normally, like the famous bear-specific danger, everyone uses investment in something else.

Today, you want me to tell you about a unique project that gives you the opportunity to passively invest without investing without risking it at the same time.  Yes, exactly today, it is already possible.  Mindless MODULE protrudes in its own way to turn our understanding of income and change our lives, as I would like to submit you.

Is the project so?

MODULE-is own method (Japan's blockchain which can be caught from a multi-function phone) has no similarity.  At the same time, your multifunction phone is not overloaded and you do not lose productivity.  The essence is that you provide space for data storage, which is the memory of the phone.

Very few people in the modern world use all the memory of the phone, as it makes sense, especially if one considers the memory size of the device, especially.  If you are one of those people you can easily do so, provide free memory to the MODULE platform and then get the real means.  With MODULE, passive income will be genuine for each user.

How does MODULE work?

The work MODULE algorithm is rather simple and obvious for any user.  Then install the application from the store according to your operating system provisions to specify the amount of MODULE that the platform will not download after downloading the information in your designated memory, then the platform is not a worn-out memory of your device  Is rather simple to you, and it will receive you, then will, certain measures.

What special is in the MODULE project?


What we are giving is ours.  And, more detailed type than MODULE is very good, and this platform is special:

Many companies with MODULE can expand data storage capacity.  It gives them opportunities for such opportunities as well as for companies, it gives a great opportunity.  Plus to all where the data is stored in the technology blockchain that allows it to reserve them as much as possible.

Each user of this platform can only get from the fact that it provides that location to a MODULE company with a multifunction phone he does not use.  I repeat that the application method does not overload your equipment and you do not lose manufacturing drops

MODULE creates a specific type of base to distribute.  I will forgive you for as much as possible against losses of these and various destructions.  With MODULE, all your data is safe and strong.
Good feeling encouragement:
Each user of MODULE 's application will receive further safety on the device.  It shows that the MODULE company is indifferent and care for dealing with users.  MODULE not only gives you the possibility to get it, but also fixes your device against various destruction and viruses.

Details of ICO:

Name of gift certificate: Madele.
Gift certificate platform: Ethereum (ERC - 20).
Price of only form: 1 Maidle = 0008 USD.
Date of ICO: June 21 - October 20, 2018.
Softkap: $ 5 million.
Hardkap: $ 18 million.



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