NEW currency to destroy BTC

NEW! Bitcoin Rich (BTR) join quick to benefit ! reaching 1MHash network

BitcoinRich (BTR)
i would like to announce a superb! new cryptocurrency!
BTR BitcoinRich
"Decentralized, Scarce And Highly Private Currency For The Elites!"
Combination of Bitcoin, Monero and Litecoin
Algorithm :- Cryptonight Lite V7
Scarce :- Only 20 Million max coins
Anonymous :- Based on CN , all transactions are private.
Block Time :- 120 Seconds Average
Block reward: smoothly varying
Difficulty: retargets at every block
Community Driven :- All decisions taken by community.
Important Links
GitHub :
CLI Wallets/Binaries :
GUI Wallet :
Discord :
Telegram :
Twitter :
mining pools:

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