xCrypt is a hybrid exchange

Crypto Exchange is a digital market where traders can exchange one cryptocurrency with another digital currency or for fiat currencies. In other words, cryptocurrency exchanges are online platforms that act as intermediaries between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers.

XCRYPT is the first crypto ecosystem with high added value to the liver instead: Hybrids, ready for STO and for markets made for ERC721. We create this end-to-end system that includes a Debit Card and a Social Media Trading system which is a sophisticated investment solution, which allows trading on one account managed by skilled and experienced traders using their own funds and mutual funds invested by other traders on SMT accounts. -his. This ecosystem is created at the same level as the world's major players, and even surpasses them, because we are suitable in the future of this field.

Debit card
It is still an innovation in the crypto space. Always dream about saving your top cryptocurrency on one physical & virtual card that can be used? XCrypt Card users will be able to shop around the world or withdraw cash at ATMs.

Social media
XCrypt's SAF (Social Analytical Funding System) Xcrypt system is a sophisticated investment solution, which allows trading on one account managed by skilled and experienced traders using their own funds and shared funds invested by other traders in their SAF account. Social Media Trading functions as follows: a manager creates an account, selects trading conditions, makes an offer to investors (shows the minimum deposit amount, compensation amount, renewal period, etc.) and deposits it. Investors look through the merchant ranking and choose one or several accounts to invest their funds. Then as a result of the manipulation of trade by a manager, profit / loss is distributed among account managers and investors according to the ratio based on their part in this account. . .

What makes our trading platform stand out?

  • Trading operations are fully compliant
  • Trade + Social Trading Platform
  • Pull FIAT from cryptocurrency | Save FIAT and cryptocurrency - Specially built trading bots Airdrop Ranking System
  • ERC 20 | Erc 721 | Membership
  • ZERO Cost | Effect token
  • Reliable digital wallet | 100% encrypted platform
  • Multi Language Platform | Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • Exchange FIAT and Cryptocurrency
  • Make payments with FIAT and cryptocurrency
  • Provide tutorials and webinars from expert traders
  • User friendly website interface and mobile application

We created a method to benefit our XCT HOLDERS, improve the entire ecosystem in general, bring revenue to our exchanges and add value to our community and to our token holders.

 ICO with erc20 usually has 3 problems:

1 - fundraising during the ico phase. Investors are often difficult to find, and have access to a collection of actual investors.
2 - Visibility in exchange before the start of listing. It often happens that tokens lose value once they are registered, as a result of lack of communicating their intrinsic added value to investors.
3 - Too often the token holder does not have the actual advantage of owning it.

The solution: We have experimented with the equations that create point-based rankings, connected to the airdrop method to provide incentives for token holders to continue to exchange and preserve it for long periods of time. It values ​​the RC system that provides value to our ICO partners.

Security tokens combine the characteristics of utility tokens and venture capital. We believe security tokens act as a natural bridge between traditional finance such as venture capital and Blockchain and benefit both equally. Utility tokens, similar to loyalty reward points provided by credit cards, have dominated the ICO.

However, in some cases, owners cannot use tokens outside the publisher platform. Regarding venture capital, most private assets are relatively illiquid, which means that investors face a difficult and expensive time to turn them into cash. Security tokens solve both fundamental problems.
Digital security tokens represent ownership in any asset, such as a technology startup or venture capital fund and can give investors various rights to the company or fund. In addition, Security tokens provide liquidity to investors, access to compliance features for issuers, and a framework for oversight of regulators. Along with the increasing regulatory environment for cryptocurrency, we believe in broader infrastructure to help connect issuers and investors to form.

The people behind these projects clearly believe that security tokens can immediately attract business and retail investors. Furthermore, the market forces that drive the evolution of digital currencies - democratization, globalization, transparency and liquidity - can encourage the activities of private technology companies to raise money through ICOs security tokens. .
ERC 721
We believe in our strong differences from others and we want to create a market based on erc721, because we see in it great opportunities for the future.

xCrypt marketplace is a decentralized market for crypto assets, which includes collectibles, game items, and other digital items supported by blockchain such as Ethereum. On xCrypt you can buy or sell these items through smart contracts, which means that no central authority has ever held your things. If you use a desktop computer, you must install meteamask in your browser to use the xCrypt marketplace. You also have to fund your account with Ether to buy items on xCrypt.

Many have heard about the new game on the Ethereum blockchain called CryptoKitties. The game recently made some headlines in the cryptocurrency community because of a very unique idea and curves made in the Ethereum network. CryptoKitties is a game where players can buy, sell, trade and breed digital cats. They can be considered "Beanie babies that can breed" because every cat is unique.
This uniqueness makes CryptoKitties very collectible, because someone can take an interest in the characteristics of some kittens and want to have many of them. But the collection is not limited to digital cats. Humans always have a history of collecting things; it's not new. From physical coins to Pokemon cards, people like to collect. This is a hobby that is formed because of the unique interest in rare items. Similar to how the value of a commodity is related to its scarcity, the value of goods that can be collected by a collector is related to its scarcity among other items.

Since the birth of CryptoKitties, there are now more than 100 CryptoKitty variants. Blockchain users can now buy, sell, and exchange lots of self-created digital collections, from cats to dogs to cartoons. While the proliferation of copycats (pun intended) shows no signs of slowing down, there are many other possible uses for the ERC-721 Token. .

Initial Token Distribution



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