Hello, World!

Hello, World!

I am Gandalf.

I have joined Steem platform at the end of June 2016 using @gtg as my handle (as in Gandalf the Grey), because @gandalf was already taken. However, some time later, it was given to me by kind steem users. I continue using @gtg mostly for my witness related purposes. Currently I am #1 witness on Steem and runner-up witness on Golos (at position #59).

My @gtg account on Golos was created at GENESIS, at that time I started my witness node (runner-up) and a few seed nodes to support the platform.

As a witness, I am doing my best to improve platform infrastructure, to make it more secure and reliable for the community.

I have attended to SteemFest in November 2016, where I have met not only many Steem users, but also those who are active on Golos. It was a pleasure.

Unfortunately at the end of 2016, I had to postpone my involvement in Golos, leaving my witness node shut down to not to drain block rewards from other runner-up witnesses.

Now I'm back and I hope that my experience from Steem can be of value on Golos.
If you think the same, please vote for me as a witness, every vote counts.

Useful resources:

My Golos seed node, golos.rushub.ru is up and running at port 4243.

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