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Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of different types of tokens built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has significantly increased and improved over the past year, and since the blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it is natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it that will benefit them for many years. This is how tokenized securities appear, attracting both ordinary investors and cryptocytes. Tokenized securities, also called security tokens, are financial securities that comply with the provisions of the SEC. Security tokens offer all sorts of benefits — dividends, equity profits, share capital and voting rights. These rights are recorded in smart contracts, and then executed via the blockchain, at the moment when tokens are traded using this technology. STELLERRO company creates a platform based on Blockchain technology. The blockchain technology, and the cryptocurrency based on it, are the newest technologies that can simultaneously shake up a whole range of industries and investment markets. Currently, there are many opportunities to capitalize on the potential of different types of tokens built on the blockchain. The usefulness of tokens has increased significantly and improved over the past year, security tokens, which are shares of the company, in our case STELLERRO, have appeared, and since the blockchain is increasingly being introduced into the financial sector, it’s natural that companies and investors are looking for ways to use it. they benefit for many years.

Stellerro has teamed up with leading global financial institutions and investment funds as a special partner to improve the integration of both ecosystems, being a bridge between traditional capital markets and the innovative world of digital securities based on blockchain technology. Regardless of whether you are an asset owner, entrepreneur or a startup, Stellerro is your brain for trusting data and knowledge, your underwriter and financial distributor. Stellerro is an alternative investment banking platform, automated, scalable, designed to bring liquidity into the digital era.


Stellerro has its own patented security tokens offer (STO) technology and a fully adapted registration platform, supported by legally compatible solutions for issuers, intermediaries and investors to safely issue, buy and eliminate tokens of security. Stellerro works with venture capitals, investment banks, law firms and high-income individuals who use strict KYC, AML rules and accreditation processes. The market entry strategy is a business to business (B2B) (personal networks, conferences, events and presentations) and a business to customers (B2C) using online multilingual distribution channels. This is exactly how financial tokenization, like STO, and digital assets will change the future of capital markets. By 2022, more than 12% of global GDP will be digitized and available for trading on the blockchain (WEF 2015). With the Stellerro investment platform, the project team has successfully created a gate between traditional and digital currency. By launching the offer of tokens of securities, Stellerro will turn into a practical universal platform uniting banking operations, cryptocurrency and access to digital assets.

STO and STRO Stellerro is the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). The ESMA promotes supervisory convergence and consistent application of market rules, while advanced regulation is carried out by national agencies. Therefore, a public offering of shares in one jurisdiction can be extended to all other EU member states. A powerful advantage of the release of Stellerro digital securities is large-scale automation. The issuance of a smart contract is based on the specifications previously determined by the issuer at the tokenomics stage, including the name of the token, face value, issue price, payment / delivery rules, and much more. Since each entrepreneur has his own set of specifications, the contracts developed by Stellerro, although based on the same protocol and template, contain different values ​​and can be quickly changed.

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Securities tokens differ significantly from other uses of tokens, with more complex interactions between external and internal participants, as well as close monitoring by regulatory authorities.


Stellerro seeks to manage the alternative investment market by bringing liquidity to the digital era from bottom to top.
● August 2018 — registration of Stellerro: professional team building, accelerated progress from idea to reality
● January 2019 — launch of a platform for investors: launch, monitoring, KYC, legal accreditation and management of assets
● April 2019 — launch of the PR service, implementation of the operational team and
creation of distribution network
● June 2019 — launch of a regulated STO, allowing investors to participate in a fully regulated STO compatible ESMA
● August 2019 — The first Stellerro center in Switzerland (Zug): digitization of compatible enterprises with private stocks and real estate.
● December 2019 — launch of a digital asset management platform: a post-payment alert mechanism, reporting and decision-making tools using AI
● March 2020 — the second Stellerro center in the USA (New York): a forecast of more than $ 50 million in capital allocation and worldwide recognition
● June 2020 — the third Stellerro center in Asia: the official branch in Hong Kong will provide a forecast of more than $ 100 million in the distribution of capital, the enrichment of the stellerro portfolio and the Asian portfolio


Stellerro is associated with the best legal, regulatory and financial parties in the industry.


All this makes STELLERRO attractive and distinguishes it from other ecosystems!

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