MYCRO Launches New Generation Platform! ICO Overview

Millions of people are faced with problems of choice, job search, sales of services, goods, delivery of goods or online purchases, purchase of tours online; also tutoring or professional photo session, equipment setup and much more. And in this area there were activists and ideologists, in the person of MYCRO, who propose to solve these problems by creating a blockchain platform of a new generation! MYCRO are intelligent and self-learning algorithms known for dating the platform. He or she does the work. One person gains time, another - money. Fast and simple use: matching based on intelligent and self-learning algorithms. Mycro's success in a secured degree is based on intuitive usability. Service providers and workers must be satisfied in a fast and uncomplicated way. This is done by comparing the correct sentences. Only then did both parties achieve their goals.The MYCRO project has already been appreciated by large cryptocurrency platforms and has high ratings that give users confidence:

The success of Mycro is largely based on intuitive usability. The needs of service providers and employment specialists should be met in a quick and uncomplicated way. This is done by comparing the right job offer with the right employee. Only then will both parties reach their goals. Good product to work with. Pleasant and profitable work for the employee.

_Mycro has set itself the task of protecting the most valuable gift that life offers to people: TIME. Time binds us all, regardless of our background or social status. Time is limited. Time of course. We can not get or extend the time. In the modern world, our time is mainly controlled from the outside. Time is controlled by our work, our customers, our social obligations. Therefore, the Mycro team believes that everyone in this world has the right to control their time. The vision of Mycro is to realize this right._

ICO details

Mycro wants to solve the main problem of society. Through their peer-to-peer network for simple tasks, Mycro returns people control over their time and money balance. During the ICO, a maximum of 100 million MYO will be created. The lower funding threshold will be reached at € 3.5 million. Unsold tokens will be destroyed by burning.

The project team



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