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There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that work on the market, and most of them are centralized platforms, and some are decentralized. But with so many cryptocurrency exchange platforms, this does not make the cryptocurrency exchange market better. Issues such as transaction processing speed, high-frequency trading, security are still the focus of the cryptocurrency market.

Soraix will prove that in the future, private or public companies will be able to easily access financing through Soraix tokens and an exchange platform that is better than similar platforms that meet user needs.

Online crowdfunding is a new fundraising channel for startups and new projects. It features low entry restrictions, low fees, high speed, and thus encourages innovation. In recent years, mass financing of shares has undergone several changes, but some problems still remain unresolved in practice. Blockchain is a decentralized and distributed accounting technology that provides protection, transparency and data integrity, as it cannot be tampered with or tampered with. It is believed that this technology has exceptionally good capabilities in the financial industry.

Soraix is ​​a cryptocurrency and token exchange platform that will become the best partner for investors and traders. In addition to providing safe and reliable services, Soraix also continues to participate in the penetration of cryptocurrency into the everyday life of a person and to change the image of digital assets in a better, safer and more reliable form.

Soraix is ​​determined to radically change the usual trading of shares, exchanging profitable blockchain innovation deals. At the same time, we hope to positively influence the open understanding of computerized resources, which will lead to wider adjustments and dependence in the business. Soraix will provide tremendous benefits to traditional speculators such as retail traders, the general population and all companies.

How Soraix Works

The native token that will be used on this platform is the SRX token, where this token acts as the main transaction payment tool for each transaction process on their platform. SRX Token will be based on blockchain technology to meet the criteria as the main transaction tool on this platform and use it for various services on this platform. This token is designed to overcome various problems in this sector using a digital token system. The value of the SRX token will be tied 1: 1 to the various segments of the token trade that are available on their platform. For more information about this token, you can visit their official website here:

The financial industry, especially in the international stock trading sector, still uses the traditional system for various processes, which is very unfortunate due to the various complex processes and the high cost that must be paid, especially for corporations during the IPO process. With the Soraix platform, this is certainly a solution for players in this sector, especially for corporations, when they will offer their shares to the public, and the digital asset method certainly makes it more effective. I really hope that this project will work without failures!

Key ICO Details

SRX = 0,00025 ETH

Soft Cap: 4 500 000$

Hard Cap: 24 000 000$

ICO: 26.08 - 24.11

You can study the concept of the project in more detail and find answers to all your questions you can on official resources, which, as always, are waiting for you at the end of the article. Good luck

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