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Greetings, I am Crypto Lemann. In this review, I'll tell you about the BGX platform.

The BGX project is a decentralized multi-functional platform, the main purpose of which is to provide a quality process for creating and testing mobile games.

The objectives of the project.

The main objective of the BGX project is to integrate the existing mobile application market into the block system and to simplify access to popular services such as the Play Market and the App Store. In addition, the system is the same tool, the use of which guarantees the rapid and safe opening of new trading floors.

Features of the project.

Among the main features of the innovative BGX platform are:

  •  ease of entry into crypto economy;
  •  the possibility of monetizing games using an internal token;
  •  free access to various revenue channels;
  •  the availability of a virtual wallet with a universal currency;
  •  comfortable conditions for earnings and participation in tournaments.

The use of the BGX platform will cost users one-third of the cost of similar offers from the Play Market and the App Store, which means that the saved funds can always be spent on upgrading their own services.

The advantages of the project.

The BGX platform has a lot of undeniable advantages that can interest both ordinary users and professional investors:

- The system uses a fuzzy artificial intelligence network that has the ability to self-learn and is able to actively combat various types of fraudulent activity;

- The platform processes more than 4000 transactions a second and is considered a much more powerful tool than the block chain Ethereum;

- User and investor interests are strictly divided to eliminate the risk of all sorts of conflicts in the process of cooperation.

Audience of the project.

The project is equally targeted at both mobile application users and their developers. The use of the platform is available to the user of any level, regardless of the level of his professional knowledge.


The BGX platform is a unique and excellent tool for working with mobile applications, which allows not only to create and test games for Android and iOS, but also to achieve significant financial savings at each stage of development.

Detailed information about the service can be found on the official website of the project. The technical documentation is under the video.

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the project is interesting and sure to be in demand. But I do not understand why the project needs a blockchain?!

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The project promises to be rich and very multifaceted. It is very interesting to observe the development

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Every day this project becoming stronger and stronger... I really love your concept. Great work. I pretty sure this can beat all coins in market, Because Very high development is this project, Good luck!!!

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