HOQU Tech digest #1


Hello, dear members of the HOQU community!

First of all, we want to thank you for the feedback and opinions that you so generously shared during the beta testing stage.

We are very grateful to you for your comments. We are pleased with the suggestions and feedback of our community, because we are firmly confident that you know perfectly well what instruments and features you need in the application.

It has been exactly 1 week since the release of the beta version of the application for HOQU affiliates. During this time, 218 users registered in the system. During the development of the beta version, they were convinced of the working capacity of the platform. (It’s not too late to see the beta in action, just click here).

(The instruction how to test Beta is below👇)


The list of present functions

Let’s recall the list of functions that are already present in the beta version:

  • Registration of affiliates
  • Connection to partner networks
  • Creation of campaigns for network offers
  • Preparation and placement of promo materials
  • Generation of partner links
  • Creation and charging of leads.


Now the application is working in the Ethereum test blockchain network called Rinkeby. All token sending and receipt takes place within the network.

What’s new

Efficiency of advertising campaigns
Our team has developed an accountancy system for referrals through affiliate links. Thanks to this data about clicks, it became possible to evaluate the efficiency of work with the offers (you can calculate the earnings from one transition, etc).

The HOQU-developed tracker keeps track of all partner links to affiliates in a relational database.


Thanks to the micro-service architecture of the tracker and the use of script programming languages, the solution is efficient and scalable, so the tracker is ready for a high load and can easily handle 100,000 transitions per second.

Click data is available in the “Desktop” and “Reports” section.


lso, the functionality of the tracker allows users to take into account not only the leads and clicks, but also any other events, for example, registration, so they can conduct more detailed analysis of advertising campaigns.

Charging for leads

When selling the lead, the HQX tokens will be immediately transferred to your ETH wallet.


Viewing reports in different sections the webmaster can visualize the distribution of HQX tokens for any sold lead.The same visualization is available to the webmaster when creating a campaign for any display.

All distribution data is stored in the blockchain. The HOQU platform guarantees a transparent distribution of funds when charging for leads.


Our programmers added a schedule of payments to the webmasters and a schedule showing the average conversion of all offers within the network.

You can use this data to compare all available partner networks and choose the best ones for cooperation.

We have also added a block with all the parameters forming the popularity of the network, namely:

  • The amount of offers
  • The number of advertisers
  • The number of webmasters


Below you can find a list of other achievements:

  • The section of promo materials has been reorganized;
  • New “My campaigns” blocks with relevant statistics have been added to the viewer page, new promo materials have been added as well;


  • The page displaying the affiliate networks statistics has been augmented with graphs about networks, In addition, we have added a block “My offers” with statistics and graphs;
  • The list of networks and the list of offers have been redesigned in appearance as we have added the ability of updating data;
  • The ability to search for networks by the ETH-address of the owner of the partner network has been added;
  • The design and appearance of the desktop corresponds to the uniform design of the application;
  • We have added the functionality of filters on all pages of the application.

We received a lot of feedback and gratitude from the community and are delighted that you have truly evaluated the results of our work and praised us.

🚀 Now our team is in the course of developing a beta version of the application for merchants.

Its release is scheduled for the end of September.🚀

Until next time!

The HOQU team

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