What is MoviesChain?

MoviesChain by TVzavr is the world's first blockchain, secure, and anti-collapse platform that directly unites independent movie and cinema viewers.
A revolution in the distribution of independent films, FilmChain by TVzavr decentralizes and disperses the global independent film distribution industry, providing unparalleled efficiency, transparency and global scalability.Facebook Twitter Telegram Instagram Reddit BitcoinTalk

MOVIESCHAIN ​​by TVzavr Solutions

MoviesChain by TVzavr's blockchain-based platform and platform solves many of the challenges faced by independent film industry (with an annual distribution market of $ 20 billion):

Independent film producers compete for revenue:

  • About 50% of the income goes to the intermediary distributor
  • Financing is scarce
  • Losses due to copyright infringement and piracy

Viewers lack acces to choices of content:

  • The market is dominated by Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others
  • No access to original content outside of the main streaming conglomerate

Adverstising Losses:

  • Advertisers are not sure what content they actually pay
  • The market is affected by fake websites and bots that commit fraud
  • Targeting poor market demographics, limiting ad viewers

Rapid growth for the online film industry
Currently, the global box office growth rate is gradually slowing down. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) revealed that over the past five years, the global box office revenue volume grew at an average rate of only 1.5% per year, with 60-70% coming from international distribution.
The decline in film revenue can be explained by several factors, such as increased economic problems in certain areas, informatization of the community through wider Internet use, mobile device sales growth, and global spread of Internet piracy, as well as changes in media consumption habits due to shifting generations in developed countries and growing.

 According to IHS Markit, about 164,000 cinemas are screened in the world, up 8% from 2015. Over 90% of these theaters are digital. Leader in terms of growth in the number of theatrical screens in the Asia-Pacific region, which has increased by 18% since 2015. 

 As the audience declines in traditional cinema, the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows that the online video entertainment industry is one of the leaders of economic growth. 

This provides confidence that the market share of independent film producers will continue to grow. FilmChain by TVzavr will trigger positive feedback that will lead to increased production and greater market share. Our platform will further facilitate the exponential growth of client base, thus confirming the observed secular trends in the rapid proliferation of new technologies, platforms and applications . 

 The first third of the participants in the first stage receive a 25% bonus. The remaining participants of the first stage receive a bonus of 20%.
The second stage provides a bonus of 15% of free tokens.
The third stage provides a bonus of 10% free tokens.
At the fourth stage, a bonus of 5% free tokens is given.
In the fifth stage, a bonus of 3% of free tokens is given.
Also, there are additional bonuses up to 10% for the number of tokens purchased:
From 10,000 to 50,000 ZVR - + 3% free tokens.
From 50,000 to 150,000 ZVR - + 5% free tokens.
From 150,000 to 350,000 ZVR - + 7% free tokens.
More than 350,000 ZVR - + 10% free tokens.
Dates: April 16, 2018 - July 16, 2018.
Token Details
Symbol: ZVR
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Total number of tokens for sale: 70,000,000 ZVR
Total issue volume: 100,000,000 ZVR
Minimum transaction size: unlimited
Accepted currency: ETH, BTC
Token sales will certainly occur in 5 stages. During the first stage, just whitelist participants could obtain symbols. It is possible to whitelist by sending individual information on the site.
The third member of the whitelist will obtain a 25% incentive. The remaining whitelist participants get a 20% incentive.
The 2nd stage has a 15% free tokens benefit.
The third phase has a 10% benefit of cost-free symbols.
The 4th stage has a 5% benefit of complimentary symbols
The fifth stage has a 3% cost-free tokens incentive.
Benefit of as much as 10% will be granted for the variety of tokens acquired:
10.000-50,000 ZVR - + 3% cost-free symbols
50.000-150.000 ZVR - + 5% totally free symbols
150.000-350.000 ZVR - + 7% complimentary symbols
Over 350,000 ZVR - + 10% of cost-free symbols
Token sales terms will be clarified extra closely with the Token sale launch.
Distribution of tokens 

 As stated above, the total volume of the issue will be 100,000,000 tokens, of which:
70% will be distributed during the initial release.
23% will be transferred to the team of initial project investors
5% remain in the reserve fund.
2% will be allocated for the bounty campaign.


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