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Since the emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin, there have been hard efforts to implement blockchain on various aspects of global business processes, Blockchain technology has been described as having the potential to disrupt many industries at low costs. transactions, eternity, and enhanced security. In the following years, many other blockchain implementations have been developed with unique features tailored to specific use cases.

Blockchain has been possible to issue all assets through the distributed ledger framework. With the help of the cryptocurrency store, these assets can provide value to start and validate some transactional processes. Several on-chain protocols have been developed by the number of startups and companies that were established to create blockchain-based solutions.

On this occasion I will provide interesting information, especially in the world of cryptocurrency. This ICO project is related to the world of exchange called OOOBTC EXCHANGE - Platform exchange of cryptocurrencies. Before the discussion, it's a good idea to read reviews that can help get information about their vision and mission. Hopefully this information, of course, will give you insight and interest involved with the ICO OOOBTC EXCHANGE project.

The cryptocurrency market seems to be growing in popularity every day. With the astronomical rise of cryptocencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, there seems to be an influx of people into the market. Many cryptocurrency exchanges cannot even have their account creation feature open all the time. The demand for entry into the market that is trading account creation for new customers is periodically disabled. The average daily trading volume is usually inions of dollars. The total market cap of the entire market stands at more than half a trillion dollars which is an astonishing feat, considering the market is less than a decade old.

However, despite all of these large numbers, there are a number of major problems that plague the market. To use these numbers, the actual index of the state of the market would present a false narrative. Issues that affect the market These are stem problems from a variety of reasons such as the infant nature of the market, lack of understanding of cryptocurrency space, and some of the peculiar economics of cryptocurrencies.

OOOBTC is a gateway and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies and Crypto-ecosystem located in Singapore. OOOBTC provides diversified system functions such as spot trading, futures contract trading, over-counter trading, whole-network trading, and decentralized trading. Moreover, it satisfies the needs of numerous investors. Our trading system has a robust security mechanism and reliable underlying architecture, which provides investors with a dependable trading experience. Besides, the unique online trading model of the OCOBTC platform would efficiently match the market depth of major exchanges around the world while providing higher liquidity events. Relying on the whole network trading system, we believe the ooobtc platform will become the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world.

Cold storage systems, 2-factor authentication and encryption technology to encrypt your personal account information, which allows you to ensure your protection of funds. security is the most important aspect of business practice. This is why we integrate similar smart technologies to guarantee the availability of the market.


Exchange of crypto to fiat or exchanging cryptocurrency is one of the main problems faced by many cryptocurrency and exchanges, beginners feel so difficult to put into cryptocurrency, or on the market due to lack convert them back to fiat or fiat to cryptos.

The OOOBTC exchange aims to keep things simple and fast for users who want to learn cryptocurrency space. Even if you have never heard of Bitcoin or Ethereum before, OOOBTC has a great opportunity to explore this new effort.

With the implementation of a credit card, one can easily withdraw and deposit funds to buy cryptos using simple steps via Mastercard, Verve, Visa or other cards that are acceptable. Also with the latest developments and partnerships with several fiat payment providers. We will enter the fiat trade against cryptos.


Based on the precise and secure technology, our terminal is made available to make sure that you are able to trade ooobtc with the 26,000 btc trading volume, OOOBTC can be accessed seamlessly on the web, Android, iOS, PC, Mac OS, and the H5 mobile browser. The company will also set up a professional research team, upholding the concept of openness and cooperation, and selecting high quality blockchain digital assets around the world.


The OOOBTC tokens will serve as the driver of our platform, but it is a reusable ERC blockchain and can be held within the our integrated wallet. or any ERC20 compatible wallet, at the discretion of the user. OBX Tokens can be purchased directly on platforms or from external markets and exchanges. To support the project of OOOBTC exchange, we will launch a different promotion campaign. The total supply of the OOOBTC native token is 3 billion (3 000 000 000) and other tokens can be created .. NO PUBLIC SALES, NO ICO WILL BE HELD.


OBX Token is an ERC 20 token standards and when held on exchange will enjoy dividends from shared total revenue platforms. The amount of Obx bonus is calculated based on the asset held at 00:00 on a daily basis and the trading fee is usually distributed at 02:00 UTC (UTC + 8) everyday. Usually all users get their bonus within 24 hours. The bonus will be paid directly to the user account without the need of manual collection. You need to hold at least 1000 bonuses and keep them for more than 24 hours. We will make a unified payment to users for the OBX bonus, please rest assured and wait for the bonus arrive at your ooobtc account. The daily dividend received by users is not a fixed number, the more you hold the profit you receive.


OOOBTC is a gateway platform and exchange for cryptocurrency and crypto-ecosystem located in Singapore. OOOBTC provides a variety of system functions such as spot trading, futures trading, over-the-counter trading, entire network trading, and decentralized trading. In fact, it meets the needs of many investors.

System Our trading mechanism and basic architecture, which provides investors with a reliable trading experience. In addition, the unique online ooobtc trading platform model will efficiently match the exchange rates throughout the world while providing higher liquidity. Relying on the entire network trading system, we believe the ooobtc platform will be the largest liquidity provider of digital assets in the world.

More information about the OOOBTC Exchange can be found in the official sources:

Author: Enno Netral


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