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The Longmen Grottoes, which is located on both sides of the Yi River south of the ancient capital of Luoyang, Henan province, consists of more than 2,300 caves and niches carved on steep 1 km limestone cliffs. It contains nearly 110,000 Buddhist stone statues, more than 60 stupas and 2,800 inscriptions carved on inscriptions

Luoyang was the capital of the late North Wei Dynasty and the beginning of the Tang Dynasty, and the most intensive carving period from the end of the 5th century to the middle of the 8th century. The earliest caves to be carved at the end of the 5th and 6th centuries on the cliffs of West Hill including Guyangdong and Three Binyang Caves, all contain large Buddhist figures. Yaofangdong Cave contains 140 records of inscriptions for various diseases and diseases

The work of the statue in this cave continued for 150 years, describing changes in artistic style. The style of sculpture found in Buddhist caves in the Tang Dynasty in the 7th and 8th centuries, especially giant sculptures in the Cave of Fengxiansi is the most fully representative example of the art of the Royal Cave Temple, which has been imitated by artists from various regions

The two styles of sculpture, the previous "Central Chinese Style" and the "Great Tang Style" have great influence in the country and throughout the world, and have made important contributions to the development of sculpture in other Asian countries



Statues of Longmen Grottoes are extraordinary manifestations of human artistic creativity



Longmen caves illustrate the perfection of long-standing art forms that play a very significant role in the cultural evolution of this Asian region



The high level of culture and sophisticated society of the  Tang Dynasty are summarized in the extraordinary stone carvings of the Longmen Cave


Caves, stone statues, inscriptions and inscriptions scattered in the East Hill and West Hill in Longmen have been well maintained. Property areas and buffer zones maintain their natural landscape and the ecological environment that has existed since the end of the 5th century. Human and natural works have been harmoniously united and the landscape has high integrity


In the ongoing evolution of Longmen Grottoes, the aesthetic elements and art features of Chinese cave temples, including traditional layout, materials, functions, techniques and locations, and the intrinsic relationship between layout and various elements have been maintained and passed

Great efforts have been made to maintain the historical appearance of the caves and to preserve and continue the indigenous Buddhist culture and its spiritual and aesthetic functions, while always adhering to the principle of "Maintaining historical conditions

Protection and management requirements

As one of China's Priority Protected Sites, Gua Longmen has received protection at the national level based on the Law of the People's Republic of China concerning Protection of Cultural Heritage. Local legal instruments such as the Luoyang City Regulation on Protection and Management of the Longmen Grottoes have ensured a legal protection system

The Chinese Ministry of Culture's Management Agency works with the Luoyang City Research Institute together with a professional team on protection, publicity, education, and presentations for Grottoes. The Management Agency has compiled the Longmen Cave Conservation Plan, and according to this plan, research capabilities have been strengthened, including analysis of cave damage mechanisms, environmental monitoring, conservation materials, and control measures

Based on the research results of tourist carrying capacity, the opening capacity of the property area is controlled effectively; negative effects on inheritance made by different kinds of adverse factors have been minimized; the setting of the caves is protected; and a rational and effective balance between protection and development of the heritage place is maintained


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