African lily atau lily of the Nile

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Agapanthus Africanus Flowers


Agapanthus Africanus Flowers

Agapanthus Biru flower (Agapanthus africanus) is a flower plant originating from Africa. The flowers are blue with towering stems. This plant is very suitable to be planted on the edge of the pool because the leaves on this flower rarely fall out

Agapanthus is a popular garden plant, native to South Africa. Also known as the African lily or lily of the Nile, this plant is a perennial herb in the habit of growth, and is subject to a cluster of flowers in the summer months of this year

However, there are also varieties that start flowering in late spring and continue until early autumn. While flowers in blue and purple shades are common, you can also choose white flowering plants. This basic agapanthus treatment is so easy that even a beginner can enjoy summer blooms with basic gardening tips

Grow Agapanthus

The ideal planting time is spring in cold areas. To get the desired type of soil, you can equip heavy garden soil with farm compost, peat, manure and organic mixture

Make holes (2 "with 4") on garden soil or mixed pots, whichever applies to gardening projects. Place one clump of rhizome bearing healthy green leaves in the hole, and cover the lower part of the root with the soil. If you grow some agapanthus balls, keep a distance of 6 inches between the two plants

Irrigating Agapanthus

Agapanthus water plants immediately after the plantation, until the soil is soaked well. Irrigation is often recommended for both garden plants and potted plants. This will promote the rapid development of roots and top shoots

As plants can be established, you can reduce the amount of water supplied to plants. Also, water requirements vary according to climate conditions. For example, the frequency of watering must be higher in spring and summer, compared to autumn and autumn

Treatment before flowering

In order to ensure flower production of healthy agapanthus, prepare plants before the flowering season. In the spring, older leaves must be removed and organic compost must be mulched around the stem. Cutting old leaves allows plants to save energy for flower development

While helping organic mulch in maintaining moisture and controlling weed growth. For poor soil, adding light organic fertilizer will help in producing larger blooms

Agapanthus Winter Care

Agapanthus treatment in winter involves protecting the system of fleshy roots from extreme cold conditions. This is not a problem for container gardening, because you can transfer potted plants in the agapanthus room at any time. For outdoor plants, dig the soil to pull out the rhizomes, ensuring that they are not damaged

Divide the clumps of roots into each section, and store them in a cardboard coated with newspapers from all sides. Leave agapanthus clumps to resist winter until spring

Agapanthus's blue flower looks awesome in landscape design, especially when it grows in groups. Each individual bloom resembles a lily with petals arranged in a tubular form. There is nothing special about treating agapanthus flowers. In fact, you can cut a certain length of flower stalk, and use it as a cut flower for interior decoration**



Agapanthus plants with blue flowers. Overseas Agapanthus is known as Lily of the Nile, Blue Lily, common agapanthus, African Lily

There are several agapanthus plant species in the world, the most difficult to grow is Agapanthus africanus. Many sellers claim that the product they sell is Agapanthus africanus, when in fact Agapanthus praecox, a species that is easier to plant (our product is this one)

Other names of agapanthus in Africa are agapant, isicakathi, ubani, and bloulelie. Agapanthus plants are easy in terms of treatment because they are bulbous and tolerant of heat & dryness, leaves do not fall out easily, blue flowers are also beautiful in groups


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