The Blockchain technology, with its ability to simplify peer-to-peer transactions without the need for a third-party intermediary, can disrupt many existing centralized systems and applications, especially in the banking and financial sector. Combined with powerful intellectual contracts, blockchain technology has the potential to change the dynamics of the economy around the world. A truly decentralized ecosystem takes control of several self-serving entities and returns them back to the masses.

Blockchain technology is truly an innovative innovation in how data is created, shared and edited. But despite this, blockchain technology is currently faced with a critical performance issue. For this reason, Hetachain proposed to create the latest Blockchain network architecture, which will be used very easily, more flexibly for users and developers using the blockchain platform, which has very high performance.

A cryptographic algorithm using ECDSA (digital elliptic motion algorithm) with a secp256k1 curve for public-private cryptography. The private key is 256-bit random data.

The HETA address associated with this private key is the last 160 bits of the SHA3-256 (Keccak) hash of the public key

One block at a time, the data stored on a blockchain grows without an upper bound to file size. We implement side chains and connections to 3rd parties off chain databases, so that businesses can manage the size of their ledger.

Only Hetachain's main network is public. Our side chains can be either public or private, so data is kept confidential when the need arises.


Distributed applications built on Hetachain can be frozen or updated with our flexible role-based permission system, making it easier to develop for our platform. Dapps can be distributed in our Dapp Store, or quickly put together using our drag-and-drop Dapp Builder.

We use a Byzantine fault tolerant, a delegated proof of stake (DPoS + BFT) consensus model to provide high number of transactions per second without compromising security. 33 plan to have a limit of 33 delegate nodes to keep consensus time low.

The solution
Hetachain intends to deal with problems above and make blockchain high-performance, facilitating contracts that are easy and smart and easy to use by end users. This was achieved by coming up with a mechanism hybrid consensus based on Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) and Byzantine Error Tolerance (BFT). The goal is to create a blockchain that can be scaled, has shorter block times and high throughput. With the Hetachain algorithm, a block is generated every second and is validated by one mastermode in the network.

HetaCoin: Cryptocurrency driven by Hetachain.
Hetachain's cryptocurrency drives and drives allow blockchain as a service, HetaCoin has many use cases.
Companies that pay attention to use Hetachain as a service
Transaction fees must be paid at HetaCoins
Prizes will be distributed in HetaCoins
Hetachain aspires to solve problems that are currently disrupting the current blockade and solutions whether it is scalability, privacy, security or throughput. With the latest architecture and design, it has the potential to emerge as a leader who can bridge the gap between technology and people, and change the landscape that emerges.

When a user makes a transaction to exchange coins or tokens that have been made by Heta, then he must pay to install the specified Hetacoib. Also called transaction fees. This mandatory fee makes Hetacoin have real value for the system. This can also prevent traders from flooding the network with unlimited microtransactions.

When a user participates in a consensus process or a valid chain, then he must be rewarded with certain Hetacoin. This is also the Giving awards to users. For the level of consensus, it must depend on how participants are carrying out the process.



  1. Dapp Store with the Pre-built application, users can choose and run their DApp on the HETA Blockchain.
  2. Digital Asset Storage. HETACHAIN

can save large assets to ensure they cannot be hacked or hacked.

  1. Consensus. HETACHAIN

uses hybrids from DPoS + BFT consensus to maximize the performance of its Blockchain Network.

  1. Automatically Generate Contracts. With this, less code is involved, thus helping developers generate contracts at HETA.
  2. Use of user friendly fees. The possibility of a small application running for free on the network.

    1. Token Details
      Tokens - HETA
      PreICO Price 1 HETA = 0.01336 USD
      Price 1 HETA = 0.0167 USD
      Platform - Ethereum
      Adoption - ETH, BTC, USDT
      Soft cover - $ 100,000,000
      Hard cover 520 million US dollars
      Country - Cayman Islands
      White List / KYC - White List
      Restricted Areas - USA
      Token distribution
      15% - Teams
      03% - Advisor and partners
      05% - Bounty & Airdrop
      03% - Business Transactions
      04% - Product Development
      30% - Private Sales
      40% - Public Sales
      Q1 & Q2 2018
    HetaChain Designing
    Writting Whitepaper
    Q2 & Q3 2018

    Mainchain Development
    UI displays blockchain data
    Wallet demo
    Hetachain ICO program
    Private sales of ICo HetaChain
    Q4 2018

    MetaChain block explorer demo
    Hetachain test net (trial version)
    ICO HetaChain public sales began
    Include HETA tokens instead
    Development of privatechain
    Q1 2019

    Web portal release
    Dapp Development
    Smart contract development
    Wallet update (multi-token)
    The launch of the HetaChain clean test
    Q2 2019

    Prebuilt Dapp
    Automatic Dapp Create
    HETA cost calculation portal
    HetaChain block explorer (update)
    Mainnet hetachain (trial version)
    Q3 2019

    Launch from mainnet Hetachain


    WEBSITE : https://www.heta.org
    Whitepaper: https://heta.org/docs/HetaChain_whitepaper_en-ver-1.0.pdf
    MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@hetachain_blog
    REDDIT : https://www.reddit.com/user/hetachain
    STEEMIT : https://steemit.com/@hetachain
    BOUNTY : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5032045.0
    FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/hetachain
    TWITTER : https://twitter.com/hetachain
    LINKEDIN : https://www.linkedin.com/company/hetachain-network/


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