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The healing effect of the milk thistle.

Cultivation and harvesting
For medicinal use, the milk thistle is grown on large fields in Austria (Waldviertel), Hungary, Germany (Westerwald), Argentina, Venezuela and China. The fruits are ripe in the month of August and then swathed (= cut and laid) and harvested after a few days with conventional combine harvesters. In some countries, direct drift is common. After harvest, the fruits are cleaned.

Medical application edit
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The active ingredient complex silymarin is said to protect the liver (hepatoprotective), liver-strengthening, detoxifying and to stimulate the bile flow and the circulation.

Liver poisoning (caused, for example, by the consumption of tuber-leaved fungi) and brain edema can be treated with silybin (synonyms silibinin, silymarin I), which is obtained from thistle fruits. Silymarin is said to alter the structure of the outer cell membrane of the hepatocytes so that liver toxins can not penetrate into the cell interior. They act as radical scavengers stabilizing and protect the hepatocytes by preventing membrane lipid oxidation. Furthermore, Silychristin (syn silymarin II) inhibits peroxidase and lipogenase. Silymarin is said to stimulate the activity of nucleolar polymerase A resulting in increased ribosomal protein synthesis. This is intended to increase the regeneration of the liver.

Other active ingredients of the plant are: bitter substances, biogenic amines, tannin, dyes, in a small proportion also essential oils, unknown sharp substances and resins.
Other applications: biliary discomfort, dyspeptic symptoms, migraine, motion sickness, possibly trigeminal neuralgia, varicose veins, portal stasis.

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