One of the Rarest fruit in the world " Nara Desert Melon... Content with Movie

A few days ago I saw a report on television about this rare desert fruit called Nara or desert melon.
I'm honest that was the first time I've heard or seen anything of this fruit. There are strains in the desert that quench your need for liquid mainly via this fruit.
This fruit is therefore vital for the people living in the desert region Namib South-Africa, because it is known that it rarely rains in the desert.The fruit is versatile, even the shells are not disposed of, but used as animal feed.
The oil extracted from its seeds is five times as nutritious as normal cooking oil.
Now, of course, one wonders, of course, how a melon can grow and thrive in the desert when it rarely rains Plant is located in the root with a diameter of about 30 cm and up to an incredible 40 meters in depth to the groundwater.
All attempts to cultivate this plant elsewhere have failed. Unbelievably fascinating.
I've even picked out a video that you can see what I'm writing here anyway. Many joy.


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