In the SABI system, there is continues accumulation, authentication, and updating of biometric data, and a continues maintenance of the available statistic data. The frequency range of our scanning radiation is within the permitted range for humans, making it a very safe method. The system adopted this authentication procedure because of its independence with the user’s actions and resistance to attacks and manipulations. As the person’s characteristics keep changing, the module also constantly adjusts the user’s presentation on the system keeping his data always updated.
The SABIGLOBAL technology uses natural indicators for its authentications and so one do not have to go through the hustle of memorizing all the authentication information. The use of the electromagnetic profile of the body gives it a very high security since these profiles cannot be lost during one’s life and cannot be falsified as well. Because the authentication process is independent of the user, user errors are totally removed.

The SABIGLOBAL is made up of three main products, including: the SABI-auth, SABI-net and SABI-storage. The SABI-auth serves as the basis for distributed authentication blockchain network and it is an in-built or external module (with a set of software for its maintenance) which ensure the process of user identification and authentication. The SABI-net is also a blockchain-based authentication network which will allow users to receive various services on the network which requires authentication. Now with the SABI-storage, it is a hard drive with biometric identification and authentication for safe storage of data, which is only accessible in the presence of the data owner.

At SABIGLOBAL, we always put the safety of our users first. I encourage all crypto investors to partake in our token sale and make this project a success.

All these categories of authentication have their own pros and cons. The password which is the cheapest is very likely to be hacked. The authentication devices can also be counterfeited. The biometric method of authentication is the safest but it is the most expensive among the three and many of the human features can also be substituted. One has to memorize all these many log in codes and various authentication procedures which is usually inconvenient and time consuming. In order to ensure a technical improvement in our biometric access means, there should be a continues authentication processes and the creation of a technology which is based on unique personal data of the user and can as well be used in different areas. This is why SABIGLOBAL technology has come. It is the only network that fully meets all the aforementioned strategies to help improve the authentication technologies.
Road Map
2017 Q1 - 2018 Q2

Research and development
Strategy development
Market research
Team building
Brand development
2018 Q3 - Q4

Start of research and development works
Patenting of SABI technology (1st stage)
Registration of SABIGLOBAL operating company under the jurisdiction of MALTA
Submission of documents for license obtaining
Carrying out of a marketing campaign
2018 Q4 – 2019 Q1

SABI token creation
Private sale, pre-sale, crowd sale carrying out
Production of SABI working model
2019 Q2 – Q4

Acquisition of equipment
Creation of a team of specialists, Patenting (2nd stage)
Carrying out of a crowd sale
Adding of SABI token to the listings of cryptocurrency exchanges
Development, patenting and licensing of SABI-storage batch product
Development of SABI-net blockchain platform
PR campaign
Presentation of SABI technology to the corporate sector
Conclusion of contracts, development and implementation of SABI- auth in industry areas
2019 Q4 – 2020 Q1

Manufacturing of a production batch of SABI-storage
SABI-storage sales start
Service and support
2020 Q1 – Q4

Technology evolution
Development and production of new products
Service and support
Further development of SABI-net blockchain platform
Development of a mobile application
[26 November, 2018 - 28 February, 2019]

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