IdealCoin PayMHO: a Revolutionary Big data DeanChain Protocol Information Provider

IdealCoin is a virtual money that affects the Pay-HMO platform for a virtual social platform. The ideal coin is processed and protected by algorithms for quick use. These virtual goods, created by Brobdingagan's numbers of influential persons, develop a crucial mass of information. Of these influential individuals smoke, accumulate, sell, sell, transfer or possibly use these assets, such as cash, advantageous from the general guarantees and protections set by virtual tokens of the current time: vital resources in this Method of care and justification.

About the perfect coin
Virtual cash, which, like the whole system, is supported by information generated within the network of a single conductor. Any virtual Plus is formed by the procedure POC or Proof craft. This validation within the chain of blocks makes it positive that a complete intellectual coin was created in the distributed and centralized platform of Dina Cepa.

In addition to the generation procedure, virtual cash will be considered a single, accepted by the pay conductivity unit as a method of payment for the services it provides. IdealCoin All of these services cover market research, Group focuses, trends and therefore everything that is associated with the science of knowledge and therefore with the data it generates. It will be offered in the virtual cash markets.

Idealcoin creates a personal Self Storage profile (PPSS)
A device that allows you to recoup the importance of your data,
IdealCoin information that is clearer and more accurate and useful than ever, a platform that allows you to recognize your own advanced, will help you on Over a range of lifestyle techniques and will bring you some quick, medium and long lasting blessings. It will generate consistent sales for you – every day if you wish – and a lifetime royalty payment, as long as you continue to work with the platform.

Full Control and all confidentially, these records are kept encrypted and protected through our block chain. And it will continue to generate rewards and cost to you and you create your profile.

Token Sales Details
• Marker Name: Idealcoin
• Symbol: IDL
• Sale of Tokens: 1 000 000 USD
• Token ICO Price: ¢0.61
• Platform: ETHEREUM (ERC20)
• Rigid cover: 44 403 880 US Dollars
• Soft cap: 3 000 000 US dollars
• Generic token delivery: 220 000 000

IdealCoin Those who want to consult or use pay MHO services must pay the money to get the right to sign in. By paying, customers will be able to extract the necessary data free of charge, getting more information than they could predict on the way to the acute degree of profiling in the market. There is no risk of influencing intrusion into isolation.

IdealCoin So, guys, this is all for this article. I hope you find this ico good, if you have any questions, feel free to click on the link below to contact the Idealcoin team and social networks, and one more thing that cryptocurrency is a market for risk, invest Cryptocurrency in your own risk after performing your own research.


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